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Jenny Lind
Johanna Maria Lind, or better known as Jenny Lind was born in Klarakvarteren, Stockholm, Sweden, in 6 October 1820. Overheard by a maid when she was 9 years old and singing as many child might, the maids employer Mademoiselle Lundberg was made aware of Lind's powerful and harmonic voice. Both maid and Mademoiselle Lundberg were astonished by what they considered her extraordinary voice.  It was more than just them who had praise for Jenny's voice and she was enrolled and received at Royal Dramatic Theatre, to study under Master of the Theater Karl Magnus Craelius. 
By the time she was 20, she had accomplished a life time of achievements, accomplishments and honors. Having been the court singer to the King of Sweden and Norway. Starring as Agathe in Weber's Der Freischütz and having sung in opera and on stage many, many times, including such places as the Royal Swedish Opera. Her success was not just limited to the Nordic countries, and her fame and popularity was increased where ever she travelled, including Germany, England and America. Many times though out her life Jenny's voice was at risk as a result of her pushing and working herself so hard. Each time however Jenny had managed to recover. One other notable fact about Jenny Lind was that she was known for being extremely generous, and that a substantial amount of all money she ever earned was frequently donated to charitable services and organizations. A sizable amount of her wealth when she passed went to help financially poor students in Sweden receive an education.

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