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Jennys story starts in the pages of Widow Maker #1, when she cruises from bar to bar looking for casual sex with who ever's up for it. She finds one happy nobody and takes him to her room. His efforts were insufficient and she subsequently beat him crying out that she couldn't feel it. Later on, she is looking at the pictures of her old tormentors, naked, her clothes and her Glock 17 left on her bed. She removes her makeup, revealing deep scars on her once beautiful face, before the next panel reveals more scars were her breasts should be. She looks at her tormentors with melancholy eyes; the five widows : Bonnie De Angelo, Shauna Toomey, Barbara Barrucci,Lorraine Zucca, and her own sister, Anabella Gorrini, and mutters to herself ; "Cunts".

After saving Castle from being killed by Shauna Toomey, she tells him her past, of her abusive husband and how the Punisher killed him, her shady dealings with the Widows,her cancer and her own attempted murder. Shauna knocked her unconscious and told Annabella that she was walking if they didn't get rid of Jenny. She hired some low level thugs to kill her. They botched the hit when they crashed the car, but not before they did throw her off a bridge, and onto a live train track. She survived, as she landed on a mound of gravel which the train was carrying. She awoke in Galveston. She managed to arrange medical care, a new haircut, and firearms training. She turned herself into a new woman. She nurtured her hate and prepared her revenge.

It is next revealed that she may not feel any emotions, as hate and vengeance and overall, Violence had taken its toll on her psyche. All she cared about was her revenge, it had created an all controlling force in her mind. As such she felt she had met a kindred spirit in the man who widowed her sister and her former friends, in the form of their hated adversary ,The Punisher, Frank Castle.It wasnt love, Not friendship, but something only two people who have no recognisable human emotions can feel.She prepares her final step on her long road of revenge. She borrows the legendary Skull T-Shirt.

She opens fire on the widows, and hits Barbara twice in the gut. She then Guns down Lorraine.She shoots Annabella in the right knee. Shauna returns fire, but Jenny shoots her clean in the forehead. She finishes of Barbara and Lorraine with two hollowpoints to the head.Back at Jennys apartment, Frank awakes to find Annabella tied to a chair, handcuffed to Jennys bed. Annabella asks why she has been in bed with the enemy, as it were. Annabella shouts at Jenny, telling her what The Punisher has done to their Family, but Jenny counteracts this by telling her what Tim done to her once more. She tells Annabella what his kind of man does to families, and that the children orphaned by The Punisher are better off without their mobster parents.

Then Jenny horribly beats her to death with a baseball bat. Jenny kneels and looks at her work. Frank looks on. She turns to Frank and asks him to have sex with her. He asks her why. She says she wants to feel something. Anything. Frank agrees. Blood trickles down the mirror. Down the walls. Down the destroyed face of Annabella .It covers the two vigilantes. A small splatter of it runs down from the eye of the skull. Jenny begins to cry as the weight of her actions dawn on her. She kisses Franks forehead and puts the glock to her own. A small tear leaks from her eye as she pulls the trigger. Later on, Frank Castle watches as an ambulance team clear the apartment of Jenny's and Annabella's bodies.

Powers and Abilities

Jenny is a very good markswoman, capable of firing an entire magazine of bullets and hit every target despite recoil. Though she once having breast cancer, she has excellent physical conditioning. Like The Punisher himself, she has trained her mind to adapt to dangerous situations, coming out on top when she has been outnumbered and outgunned.

Her preferred weapons is a Glock 17 pistol, and a combat knife. She beats her mafia sister to death with a baseball bat. She wears Frank Castle's Death Head T-shirt whilst killing the mafia wives.

Other Media

Video Games

She appears in The Punisher: No Mercy as a playable character.

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