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Jenny was "created" by Caretaker, then a month ago she escaped and ran away. Caretaker then put a huge bounty on her head. She was captured by Warlord and put into a suspended animation chamber. This is where Deathstroke and his crew found her, in stasis aboard the Skartaris, one of Warlords ships.


Jenny was created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Tony Shasteen and Alex Massacci for there run on Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager .


Jenny was one of the many characters that made their debut during Flashpoint but the character never carried over to The New 52.

Major Story Arc

Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager

Deathstroke and his crew have spotted Warlord's ship the Skartaris, and after a scan by Brigg's twin sister they learn that there is woman being held in stasis on board. Deathstroke has been traveling the seas looking for his daughter Rose, and assumes it her on board. The Crew attacks the Skartaris and takes over with the stasis chamber but Deathstroke soon learns its Jenny whose inside not Rose.

A week later, during a battle with Aquaman and Ocean Master, Icicle accidentally breaks the stasis chamber that Jenny is trapped in and she gets free. She gets on deck just in time to use her power, of making things explode, to destroy several of Warlords ships. She then demands Deathstroke make her captain of the Ravager.

Then after a shower, Deathstroke and Jenny talk, and he convinces her to help him find his daughter, but only after he makes her co-captain and she get half of all bounty. They seal this deal my making love. This new deal upsets the crew and Sonar and Icicle plan a mutiny. When they come for Deathstroke and Jenny, the two had been warned by Brigg's twin sister, are are ready for them.

Deathstroke orders Jenny not to kill his crew members, that is his job, but when Jenny gets her hands on Icicle, Deathstroke gives her the okay. She makes Icicle's head explode killing him. They then learn that Sonar has made a deal with Caretaker, Jenny for Rose. Jenny thinks they are going for a full frontal assault, but Deathstroke has other ideas. He injects Jenny with something and knocks her out, and puts her in the stasis chamber.

Once on board of Caretakers ship Deathstroke makes the trade, Jenny for Rose. Once Rose is away, Deathstoke releases Jenny and she kills most Caretaker crew and destroys half his ship. Jenny is able to get away and get Rose, who comes back and saves her farther. Jenny, Rose and Deathstroke then sail into the sunset.


She can make things explode by just looking at them.

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