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Jennifer was created by Aquaman writer Geoff Johns.

Major Story Arcs


When Mera went to Rudy's Groceries to buy dog food for Aquadog, she interrupted Randy Rovner as he made advances towards Jennifer, his co-worker. Mr. Rovner offered to help Mera select some dog food but instead made similar advances towards her. When he touched Mera and refused to stop, Mera broke his arm and security was called even though Jennifer protested, trying to defend Mera as she recognised her as Aquawoman. Mera was arrested.

Later, when Mera had returned to the lighthouse, where she lived with Aquaman and Aquadog, Jennifer visited her and gave her a bag full of dog food and toys, telling Mera that she wanted her to know that not all humans were bad. Jennifer also said that whenever Mera needed more dog food all she needed to do was ask her.

After Aquaman has returned to Atlantis, Mera returns to Rudy's to talk to Jennifer. While they talk, Mera is confronted by the police she escaped from the previous time she went shopping.

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