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Jennifer attends Midtown High School and is a student of Peter Parker who noticed that she always falls asleep in class so he decides to check up on her after school. When he does so however, she tells him that her parents have abandoned her and left her and her brother to live on the streets and she is currently living with other homeless kids in the basement of an abandoned building. She begs Peter not to hand them to the authorities and then they discover that her brother is suffering from overdose so Peter, as Spider-Man, takes him to a hospital. Peter, feeling sympathy for Jennifer, makes promise to contact him if she ever needed anything.  
Some time later, Jennifer calls Peter and tells him that she's worried about the disappearance of several homeless kids in her area. As Spider-Man, Peter starts investigating and Jennifer tells him that her brother has also disappeared and Spider-Man discovers that the man responsible is called the Shade who has been taking kids to the astral plane in the story. Jennifer is later attacked by a group of thugs who reveal that the Shade is their enforcer and she has stirred trouble by involving Peter and Spider-Man. The Shade then appears and takes Jenny to the astral plane. However, this triggered a spell Doctor Strange has placed on Spider-Man, allowing him to be transported to the same place the Shade is. Spidey travels to the Astral plane, releases Jenny and the rest of the kids and defeats Shade.

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