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Jennifer was a wannabe soap opera actress who had been having nightmares about Freddy Krueger. She kept herself awake by drinking coffee, watching TV, and burning herself with cigarettes. She was apparently the least problematic of the patients as she was allowed access to the lobby and seemed to be good friends with the otherwise aggressive orderlies.

While watching TV in the lobby, Freddy materialized inside of the TV, causing it to sprout robotic arms which seized Jennifer. Krueger then used the arms to smash Jennifer's head into the television set, while quipping "Welcome to Prime-Time Bitch!".

Jennifer's death scene was referenced in the song "Are you ready for Freddy" by rap group The Fat Boys, which was used to promote the fourth film The Dream Master. The "Welcome to Prime-Time" line also was used as a header for the beginning of the sixth film Freddy's Dead.


Jennifer's death scene was parodied in Mad Magazine 274, where the smashed TV is replaced with no reaction at all to her murder.

In Innovation's Nightmares on Elm Street series, Jennifer appears as a member of the Dream Warriors despite having no dream powers. She has turned the TV into a robotic body for herself. She acts as a hero, but blames Neil Gordon for her death.

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