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While stalking a group of drug dealers, Eddie Brock a.k.a. Anti-Venom came across a girl named Jenna Cole, a Heroine drug addict, Eddie decides to let the dealers escape for now knowing that he could find them just as easily as before, Anti-Venom chooses to "cure" Jenna Cole because he feels for her. Using his symbiotic abilities he purges the drugs influence and other possible disease from her body. After being "reborn" Jenna is given a second chance and Eddie Brock gives her a card from F.E.A.ST. Once Jenna Cole came to the shelter Aunt May proceeds to convince her to stay however soon learns that the shelter is already at maximum capacity. Aunt May then proceeds to find Mr. Li (a.k.a. Mister Negative). Aunt May finds Mr. Li training "Security guards and self defensive classes" Mr. Li proceeds to shut the door in front of Aunt May before she could say much of anything else. The viewer is not told if Jenna Cole is permitted to stay or not but it becomes irrelevant because of what Eddie Brock soon finds out about Mr. Li. Eddie Brock and Jenna Cole start teaming up and she then guides him threw all the cancer ridden places across the city taking out one by one. After a successful raid on one of the drug dealers Jenna Cole is seen reverting back to her old ways, she sneaks out a few packs of heroine and is caught by The Punisher. She is soon kidnapped by a drug cartel that Eddie and The Punisher seem to be busting at the same time. The two seem to have a brief fight but then decide to work together for their own reasons. She is taken to Mexico, the heroes proceed to come save the day. After hearing of the drug cartels leader drugging and having relations with the drug dealing leader Eddie reverts to his old ways and kills many drug dealing minions. Eddie kills the drug dealer, and then promises that he'll go stop being bad... starting tomorrow. Eddie saves Jenna, and Jenna thanks him. She also agrees with his sentiment. She'll stop being bad.... starting tomorrow.

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