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"A haunting memory is like a cold wind. It has no color, no taste, no form. Yet, as it blows across the mind helter-skelter, how bitter is its touch!"

-- from the teachings of Rahani

Kamah the Koolar had only been knocked unconscious by Jemm, and was teleported away to parts unknown. Jemm, Luther and Crazy Freddie slept in the sewer.

Jemm recalled a childhood incident where he opened a gate in the Garden of Bhok and was nearly murdered by a White Saturnian male Koolar. He was rescued by his father, King Jaxx, but horrified by the blood spilled in the process. He was comforted by his teacher/priest, Ghani Rahani, who told him about ancient Saturn.

Jargon the Mighty became the first ruler of the planet with the help of a birthstone of power on his brow and empathy toward all Saturnians, Red and White. Through the life sustaining vegetation within the walled Garden of Bhok, Jargon was able to stifle racial strife for generations. Advances in technology eventually enabled farming elsewhere, and in turn the freedom from the monarchy of Saturn to allow a resurgence of racial violence. Jemm's older cousin Jogarr led a Red Saturnian army outside the royal kingdom's governance, and he was met by the evil White Saturnian warlord General Synnar.

When Jemm became the first child born with the Mark of Jargon, a birthstone of power on his own brow, he was hailed as the messiah. However, war continued, and the Garden of Bhok eventually fell before General Synnar. King Jaxx was killed, and Jemm went into hiding with Rahani and his mother, Queen Jarlla. Over years, Jemm trained to use his powers, which allowed him to save his family when a nuclear fireball destroyed most of Saturn. However, Jarlla and Rahani were soon killed by a rogue surviving robot warrior. Jemm dismantled it, and having found a note from his long lost childhood girl friend Syrra, followed her to Earth in a spaceship.

In the present, Claudius Tull met with a senator, a C.I.A. agent, and Superman to deal with the fugitive Saturnian.







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As titled, this issue of Jemm, Son of Saturn gives us the origin of the Saturnian prince. It's a sad account that really shows you how sheltered Jemm was growing up on Saturn. That he grew up in tightly closed communities his entire life (inside the palace walls and the cave) meant that he had few friends, but the friends that he did have he had a very close relationship with, which made it all the more painful when he lost them. This allows us to see why he's so protective of Luther, his only f...

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