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" In the end, fulfillment comes not from what we want to do--it comes from what is right to do."

-- from the teachings of Rahani

In New York City, Kamah takes Luther up to the top of a building and ties him to a hovering device, leaving him in the middle of the air as her hostage.

Back in space, the Red Saturnian forces of Jogarr have invaded the ship of Commander Synn. Synn's mother ship is the last White Saturnian ship left after what Claudius Tull did in the previous issue, so the Red Saturnians now have the numerical advantage. Jogarr and Jemm make their way to the control room where Synn is cuddling the skeletal remains of her lover, Farr. Synn shows no further desire to continue fighting and calls off her forces. After Jogarr asks her to call of Kamah as well, Synn refuses and demands that they leave. Jemm sets out to Earth alone. Before he is able to leave, Bishop Rahani asks him, "After you find the boy--will you come back to us?" Jemm looks back at the White and Red Saturnian warriors gathered around and then leaves without a word.

Back on Earth, Bouncer gets Crazy Freddie out of the rubble of Claudius Tull's house. Lincoln Mannkin and Bouncer then agree to get a place together, provided Bouncer gets a job to pay his share of the rent while Lincoln keeps going to school. The group then sets off to keep looking for Luther. After they leave, Syrra climbs out of the rubble. Her thoughts go back to her childhood friend, Jemm.

In New York City, Jemm finally arrives to rescue Luther. He engages in combat with Kamah, and is finally able to defeat her by using his gem blast to cause a car to explode and create fire which presumably kills Kamah. Lincoln drives up in a car and reunites with Luther. Several police arrive on the scene and chase Jemm away, thinking that he is one of the murderers of Senator Berkley. Luther tearfully watches as Jemm flies away.

Several weeks later, Jemm taps on Luther's bedroom window while he is asleep. Luther rushes outside and embraces his alien friend. Jemm knows that it wouldn't be right to take Luther from the home he now has, and he thinks of how he could start a home of his own with Syrra. Jemm says, "Jemm love Loo-ther!" then he flies away, leaving Luther alone in his backyard. As Jemm flies away, Luther shouts out to him, "I love you, too, Jim! Can you still hear me? I love you, too!"







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