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Jemima Catmint was employed as a secretary by quadriplegic Earl Gustav CEO of Gustav Petroleum. Despite his rude and abrupt mannerisms and obsession with dark magic and rituals, she perceived him as fairly harmless. She was unaware that Gustav had used dark magic on his own to make contact with an ancient and powerful demon entity Kazann. She was ordered to inscribing pentagrams and spells thinking it was just a bizarre hobby for her boss after his accident but she never believed in paranormal until Gustav sacrificed his board of directors thus that the demon Kazann would have a physical form on Earth. Biting her tongue, put in this situation she had no choice but to stay silent in the presence of Gustav and his new powerful demonic companion. More horror was to come, as Jemima had been a part of creating a giant oil drill in the headquarters of Gustav Petroleum located in Texas. The huge sky scraper had a large drill located in its center, inscribed with various demonic sigils and glyphs. Once at a certain depth it would open a portal directly to hell allowing Kazann's demonic servants to tear though and occupy Earth.  

Things were heading to a climax when the forces of hell and heaven reached the Gustav Petroleum headquarters as the drill was completing its unholy task. The Ghost Rider, a demon scout named Hoss and the most powerful of angels Ruth had arrived and fighting with each other and 500 of Gustav's armed hired militia. When the drill reached its target location, legions of dark winged demons burst forth from the building. Catmint helped indirectly to set off Hell on earth. Amidst the chaos Catmint managed to corner a otherwise helpless Gustav and she threatened to throw Gustav down the opened center of the building unless he recanted the spell to send Kazann and other demons to Hell. He obeyed her but the angel Ruth appeared surprising Catmint causing her to push him to Hell along with the other Fallen Angels.   


Jemima Catmint is a Marvel comics character. Catmint is created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain for use in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #2 released in 2005.  

Powers and Abilities

Jemima Catmint is fairly average and typical human. She does have have limited knowledge of dark and occult magic and rituals she learned under the service of Earl Gustav, however for the most part its a knowledge she doesn't strictly believe or think real.  

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