Whatever happened to Jean Paul Valley?

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In the dark here. I really liked this character both as Azrael and his stint as Batman, post Knightfall. I collected the original Azrael series, but never knew what happened to Jean Paul. I read that someone else has taken over as Azrael? Anybody know?

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@gotham-nudist: *moves thread* does this page answer some questions?

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He is Dead.

#4 Posted by Demonturtle (455 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea he's dead for sure cause he had a brief resurection in Blackest Night. Not sure how he died though. His replacement as Azreal is ok.

#5 Posted by gotham-nudist (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Does anyone know how and when he died?

#6 Posted by draco_01 (35 posts) - - Show Bio


It was implied that he died at the end of his series when Biis shot him and they both fell off a building. However his body was never found so it was questionable if he was truly dead. However a few years later-due mostly to Didio being a prick by giving the fans who wanted him to return the middle finger-showed him as a Black Lantern zombie facing the Scarecrow before never being seen again. It was never explained what became of his body after Batman after all people couldn't find it.

#7 Posted by ghostrider fan1 (778 posts) - - Show Bio

So now that the new 52 is on, who thinks that they might bring back Valley with it? If not then the writers are total pricks

#8 Posted by draco_01 (35 posts) - - Show Bio


As long as Didio is in charge then I doubt we'll ever see JPV again sadly. I think that the Calvin Rose Talon is basically the New 52 version of Azrael in a sense.

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