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Julius Rassitano was a partner of ?. He was a friend of Rizzo’s family but one day Rizzo dies. Then Rassitano goes into Code Blue for his first mission. There is a fire in an apartment and there is a bomb. He breaks into and saves the hostages. Rassitano stays in Code:Blue to protect the street.

Mad dog Rassitano collaborated in Code:Blue with Thor, Spider-Man and Yancy Street Gang. He wins versus some enemy: Thermal Man and Bloodaxe. When Jock Jackson dies Mad dog is more sad after that his friend Thomas Rizzo creates Officer ZERO to training Code:Blue. But he understand who officer ZERO isn't like the training and Julius be furious and stops it but isn't easy.

But when Rassitano going in Code:Blue establishes a particular rapport with Rigger Ruiz

Because he love she and for this reason stay in Code:Blue.


Mad dog Rassitano got any more armor: Heavy weaponry's, rocket launcher and anti tank cannons.

After then Mad dog is an expert of karate he has got a strong and simple character and super sight similar of Martin Riggs. The protagonist of the Lethal Weapon film.

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