WILL SHE EVER COME BACK??????!!!!!!!!!!

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WELL, WILL SHE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2 Posted by Edamame (28524 posts) - - Show Bio

Emma Frost hopes not.

#3 Posted by BaronVonDredd (244 posts) - - Show Bio

The one time I enter Marvel Comics is the only time that Jean Grey is not part of the Marvel Universe. >:(

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she'll be back eventually...she is the Phoenix after all... 
Marvel's hesistant to revive her for a few reasons: 
Joe Q doesn't think she should 
Matt Fraction doesn't want to write her  
Joe Q doesn't want to potentially ruin the Emma/Scott show (I'll give Emma a break since she had no part in Second Coming lol)
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@BaronVonDredd said:
" WELL, WILL SHE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Simple answer? 
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I laugh my teeth out when people keep asking that question ! LOL 
Despite all those anti-Jean whine about her comeback   , I say she will come back . She's called Phoenix for a reason  , that's Phoenix nature . And given under the circumstance that she's is the White Phoenix now , her comeback 's gonna make more sense than any other's comeback from the Death . And she'd better come back this time as a Multiversal Force , a Majesty like she truly is .......Truth is she's way too classy now to get in trouble with that crying - simp baby Scott Summers or Mrs slutty slutty Emma .
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most likely. hopefully she doesn't ruin the frost-summers.

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Marvel is taking their time with bring Jean back, and from what i've seen with The Stepford Cuckoos and Rachel Grey loosing their fragment of the Phoenix force, she is about to come back really soon. She was seen helping Emma out in The Sisterhood Arc of Uncanny X-Men. and I highly doubt she will ruin the relationship of Emma and Scott, since she got them to stay together, of course the Emma and Scott are gonna have their little fights when Jean returns, but they've even told each other that they loved each other, so i doubt they'll break up any time soon.

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Come on.  We don't need multiple threads for Jean's return.  We all know it'll happen one day. 
When will she be back?

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