White Phoenix in Marvel Point One.

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In Marvels point one that the Harbinger. At the end of the story you see what looks like a white Phoenix consume an entire planet. Then afterwards something that looks like a blade of grass growing out of the ground after the planet was seeming destroyed. I know Jean is the white phoenix of the crown but, Rachel phoenix echo resembles it a lot. What could this mean? Sorry but i do not have any scans.   

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yeah thats what relized it wasnt red it was blue flame interesting

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Rachel lost her PF powers. The point one story was a whitish blue Phoenix restarting a dying planet probably due to Terrax. The fiery phoenix is coming for Hope Summers which will likely turn her evil. So maybe we might see some Phoenix on Phoenix action. Loeb is writing this story so you never know. It's going to be a Marvel wide event though.

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