White or Black.

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A friend and I had a argument the other day on who looked better as a hellfire queen he backed emma and I said he was out of his mind. IMO Jean looked great in that black outfit especially with her red hair piled up exposing her neck. Emma again IMO tends to look washed out in her outfit.

Generation Hope #15
Emma Frost

So what's your take who do you think looked best as a hellfire queen.

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I'm going with Jean only because Queen Jean sounds funky.

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Wow nothing or was I just troll baiting.

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that isnt jean its the phoenix force after she took jean's form & placed her in a healing pod

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If it walk talks and acts like a duck.

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@Crimsonlord53: lol, i would say jean looks abit better and cause she would bring something different to the helfire club while emma has been with them for years

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@Vincent92: Agreed I'd like to see a what if with jean as the queen in the hell fire club and emma the mary sue/scott's girl friend phoenix host.

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@Crimsonlord53: it could be something that might come up in the all new x-men volume coming out after avx, but that jean may be a bit too young to lead the helfire club

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@Vincent92: Well teen jean is older then the current hellfire queen that little girl is bat s..t crazy.

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@Crimsonlord53: lol, thats true, i remeber when she cut some aliens in half with beamsabers, speaking of which they the current helfire club will probably fight them in the new volume

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ehh Emma i'd say, shes got the bitchy villainous things in the bag lol

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i like jean greys rose cape

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