Which power does Jean use more? (and what is your preference)

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Poll: Which power does Jean use more? (and what is your preference) (9 votes)

Telekinesis 56%
Telepathy 44%

Okay I've read a lot of polls and debates on whether or not they would choose telepathy or telekinesis in real life situations. People who picked telepathy say it's more applicable and useful, while people who picked telekinesis say you can fly and that using telepathy may drive you crazy, its immoral etc.

Confused, because I extremely like both powers, I decided to ask Jean Grey. What power does she use more, without Phoenix Force inside of her? In Evolution, she 95% used telekinesis. In TAS, she was around 50/50 with both. In Wolverine and the X-Men, well its unclear because she's massively powerful in both TK (solo'd Magneto) and TP (wiped out a whole city unconscious).

Also, I'd like to know your own thoughts and opinions on each power.

I know that in the comic book universe, telepathy is one of the most powerful abilities because mind rape, shutting down powers, etc. You can theoretically do anything with it. Yet, I feel that if you have that in real life, you either a) can't control it since it's a passive power, b) it is immoral to invade others' privacy, c) you really may go nuts if you do poke into other people's minds and see the kinds of **** they think of lol

Meanwhile, telekinesis is much more stable, yet versatile (actually both are versatile imo, which is what makes Jean so powerful). Street level wise, you can be a couch potato, create tk fields that can protect you from harsh weather conditions (I live in Canada), and levitate others and FLY!! There's also bad effects about it. You may accidentally kill someone if your emotions really got to you (e.g accidentally snapping their neck with your mind lol), and its something people can see. If people see you use telekinesis, then there may be an alien/witch hunt happening right after (while telepathy, no one sees it). Who knows.

I think flying takes the cake here, so I'd choose telekinesis. But I'd like to hear from your thoughts (and Jean's preference as well).

#1 Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE (5022 posts) - - Show Bio

@raphaelgo Hi i think she uses her tk more because its a better way to protect youself. Although her tp is awesome

#2 Edited by mechem_93 (122 posts) - - Show Bio

She uses TK more, I think it's because Charles was always around and he was the more skilled telepath of the two so she focus on her tk instead.

#3 Posted by Crimsonlord53 (1483 posts) - - Show Bio

Her TK is a secondary mutation though so as a teen she would have used her TP more until her TK kicked in. All new X men shows this pretty well as her TK only manifested recently.

#4 Posted by raphaelgo (28 posts) - - Show Bio

@crimsonlord53: Wait I know that Jeans TP manifested first when her friend got hit by the car but didn't Xavier put blocks to prevent her from using TP? So she was forced to use TK only when she was still training as an X Man. But now with her true potential, she can use both. Am I missing something here?

#5 Posted by Crimsonlord53 (1483 posts) - - Show Bio

@raphaelgo: Xavier did put blocks in but only because jean was an omega level and could barely handle all that power at one time if I remember correct. If I recall they where layered blocks so she had some small TP power and as she got better charles would remove another block.

#6 Posted by darthphoenix (1425 posts) - - Show Bio

Jean liked her tp more than her tk.she is the best telepath-raw powerwise and skillwise.

#7 Posted by BigTPotts (132 posts) - - Show Bio

she uses tk more but i like telepathy more

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