When Magneto made a pass at Jean Grey

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 Isn't this a trip? Issue number 63 of Uncanny featured Magneto using his deadliest weapon - the lovely Lorelei to entice all of the men in the X-men with her mutation- a seductive voice. When Jean is unaffected Magneto claims to have known she wouldn't fall under Lorelei's spell and tries to make her his queen!! 
Funnily enough, Magneto's always had a soft spot for Jean...

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Ha ha! Even Mags had a thing for Jean?! But at least she had the decency to say 'NO!!'. I guess she did have some taste in men, after all... Shame the same can't be said for Rogue ;)

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What in the world is he wearing?

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Yeah, I remember reading that a few months ago. It's funny but not surprising. For decades it was the norm for any female character to be hit on by every male character that came along
.@xscarletkittie: This was when Magneto was believed to be died only for it to be revealed that he was alive and was now considered the ruler of the Savage Lands. In issue 62 he was drawn in the outfit w/o his helmet basically so the reader wouldn't know it was Magneto until the end of the issue were he rubbed his helmet that was on some stand. This outfit also worked because Angel and the rest of the X-Men didn't know he was Magneto until he put his helmet on because they had never seen Magneto without his purple suit and helmet.

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Mags can be pervy when he wants to be. :P

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Are you sure it was a pass? Ruling side by side could just mean literally side by side - kinda like they worked together in X3

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@Nefarious said:
Mags can be pervy when he wants to be. :P
True XD
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@TheGoldenOne: Also, why is he wearing that suit? =/
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@Nefarious: No clue. It is really ugly though.
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@TheGoldenOne: Indeed, it doesn't match his helmet at all.
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oh man... plz dont start saying magneto TRULY loves jean now... tats how its started wit logan... a kid nd a century old dude was laughed at in da beginning.. but now apparently they were always somehow meant to b...

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Wow, Jean be getting all dem' boys. But first Charles now Mags, maybe not the best age group...
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@ssstarquin: Don't worry all of us who were born before the 90s knows Wolverine's 1 true love was Mariko Yashida 
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man, all redheads are unexplainably irresistable.

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Jean only turns him down because he can block her telepathy XD she needs to be able to intrude on her boyfriend's mind lol

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Jean gets man-bitches. mad respect
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Magneto is a dirty, dirty old man.

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That's what happens when you have only one female character in an ensemble book, you have only one potential love interest.

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Jean?! XD 
I used to be ubber creeped out by the Maggie and Rogue thing, but I've grown to like him even more in recently. Total silver fox! lol 

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Well looks like you learn something new everyday

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@EmmaGrace: u forgot to add wolverine.....lol

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Who hasn't had a thing for Jean? Haha I love it

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It'd be more funny if it was issue number 34 :3

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He obviously worked on his game since then or he would not have bagged Rogue.

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