What would you like to see with the "return" of Jean Grey?

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So Jean is coming to the present from the past. We are getting 616 Jean without the "baggage" as one might say. So basically she's getting a fresh start and a chance to not be defined by a cosmic entity and a love triangle. She was a hero but many things overshadowed this and now it's time to start anew.

She's now young and in her prime, before things got complicated with her character and has never died.

Things I would like to see:

What I would like to see is for history not to repeat itself. I want her past history to be acknowledge but not fulfilled if that makes sense.

I think the concept of the Phoenix is intriguing but in practice it's really hard to understand, so I hope Bendis veers away from it.

She's been at the centre of one of the most infamous love triangles in comics, so I think this is a good chance for her not to be so bound to this. I'm over the Scott-Jean relationship and Logan-Jean seemed to make more sense to me even though I was never really invested in it. With her young age, it would (hopefully) dissuade the older counterparts. I don't want her to be with younger Cyclops either. If she had to be paired with someone, I would hope they explore her relationship with young Warren. But I would really like to see her be without the romantic entanglements for a while.

No b*itch fight with Emma. Even in death, this rivalry between Jean and Emma exists. Emma has insecurities on the subject of Jean and makes no secret of her dislike of her. I love Emma when she's at her finest and is not afraid to be a HBIC, but a feud between Emma and young Jean would severely regress Emma's character I think. The rivalry seems to be expected rather than just a thing of the imagination, and I , for one, would like for it not be present at all. If anything, I would like to see a relationship similar to that of Kitty's and Emma's relationship during Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men, where they acknowledge they are equals and share an understanding, but are just too different to be consider each other friends and just lack a certain amount of trust. I just really want playful banter between Emma and Jean.

Basic power levels. When a character becomes so defined by their powers it leaves little the way in of character. I would like to see a powered-down Jean, struggling to control and get a handle on her powers yet isn't afraid to get into the heart of a fight. Someone mentioned to me that Jean was said to have some gymnastic ability in some early Uncanny, I'm not sure, but I would like to see that applied to her.

And a new costume because those Original 5 costume are ugly as hell.

Just note, I'm writing this this with the assumption that everyone mentioned will survive AvX.

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I would like to see a bitch fight between emma frost and jean grey haha

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Well young Jean doesn't have much connection to anyone outside Xavier and the rest of the O5 (maybe Magento and the early brotherhood ie Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch). I would love an awesome new costume for her and have her develop and hone her TP. Power-wise I would like her to be develop into someone strong and cunning enough to stand a chance when the Shiar eventually come for her. Remember they killed her whole family. Seeing that she died twice will likely push her younger elf harder this time. She can even train in K'un Lun.

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fs, leave men alone. I hope after seeing what the world has become and seeing her true potential, she realizes she has a responsibility to be bad ass and that love has cost her nothing but total distraction. I hope she hones her fighting skills and mixing them up with her awesome tk and tp powers. I want her to be bad ass, kinda like where hope was going, but a want a feisty red head who dont take crap from no one and who is in total disbelief about how her world ended up. I want this to spur her to hone, perfect, and use her powers as well as train physically, to be more soldier like and more dedicated to improving mutant-universe relations (ie krull, shiar, super humans, normal human, cosmic beings)

thanks :)

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Absolutely no Phoenix Force. I don't want the PF anywhere near her. Also, no men. Leave her single for awhile.

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her not to come back. end of. she died. it was over. dont bring her back, dont make her fight with emma or get into a relationship with anyone. just leave her dead

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@bansheesonicscream said:

I would like to see a bitch fight between emma frost and jean grey haha

I honestly feel like there will be no point of this out of time Jean and Emma Frost to fight.

@ZombieBigfoot said:

Absolutely no Phoenix Force. I don't want the PF anywhere near her. Also, no men. Leave her single for awhile.

Agreed! The only character that I would be fine with having the PF would be Rachel. Jean also spent so much of her time in comics as "Cyclops' wife" She needs to expierence life as a single woman. Be on her own. Which is why if I worked for Marvel I would love to write her own ongoing series. She has the fan base for it, and Jean has always had potential to become an amazing character, however writers cheat her out by using the PF to define her. No. People need the real Jean, which is why she was such an awesome character in X-Men Evolution.

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I wanna see how characters with alot of history with her are going to handle this. Scott, Logan, Ororo, Bobby, and Hank better have some panel time in her return "left out Warren, because he is all amnesia'd out".

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WAIT! How young is she going to be she not going to be a like 14 is she lol please no

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@oviouslyjeangrey said:

WAIT! How young is she going to be she not going to be a like 14 is she lol please no

They said 17-ish.

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I just want to see jean stick around in the marvel U for more then six books.

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well i love this post and im agreed with all of you what i would hate to see is her as a background character like if no one cared and yes i want her character to be developed without the phoenix force and no i dont want to see her as a love interest of nobody just let the girl be! and about her powers... at that time she just had telekinesis so leave her like that! i would love to see her frighting like prue from charmed with telekinesis based fisical atacks

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