What if she come back and choose to make a team outside the X-Men

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She would have to make an international team: Chamber, Meggan, Darkstar, Adam-x, Indra, Joseph, and Lifeguard This team can promise a lot because they can evolve more than backup secondary heroes and they can work together to become one of the most powerful team ever. Chamber is a character that have a history of high and low, it's time he step up and explore more deep his powers that make him a powerful ally. Meggan, ohhh Meggan, i believe she is the most powerful mutant next to Jean grey but she lacks of control but with jean's power control experience, meggan can stand as interesting character. Darkstar, the russian Cloak, every team need a teleporter, esponiage character, a reckoring to watch. Adam-X, the mysterious alien related to Summers family, excellent swordmanship with deadly blood manipulation power. Indra, the physical and mystical powerful fighter that fears nothing. Joseph, clone of Magneto, can be a co-leader with Jean and amend each crime he provoked in past. And last but not least Lifeguard, a mutant with alien gene, adaptive unpredictable powers, that can have a good connection with Adam-X and lost Neramani siblings. Each member can have a new meaning to stand as group solving any threads that appear in front of them and solve many mysteries that wasn't solve during their crossovers through the marvel universe.

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I think they are making Joseph evil Magneto now that the real Magneto is good. Jean doing her own thing outside the two sides can be done but I have a feeling the schism is about to end soon. Yes the two sides will still remain in their own books but they will interact with each other more. Jean will likely teach since she does have a masters degree and can actually legally teach so I can see Logan giving his role at the school to Jean. Would like to see Darkstar and Indra do something.

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