What did Jean meant when she told Emma to "Prepare"?

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i am really confused about this.. remember what Jean told Emma before that "Visions come to prepared spirits.."? i have always thought that it meant that Jean Grey was about to be resurrected soon..   

but now that Second coming has finished, and still, no Jean Grey has appeared and what is more confusing is that Emma Frost saw Hope Summers resembled Jean Grey and uttered the same words to her.. "Well then little spirit, Prepare.." 
what is the meaning of these visions? what does Jean meant when she told Emma to "Prepare"? is she telling them to prepare for something very big that is about to happen which may lead to her resurrection?  
but what event is big enough that would lead to the return of Jean Grey to the mortal realm? specially now that the Mutant Race is safe.. so what then would prompt the Phoenix to resurrect once more? 
my own speculation comes from Marvel's latest story arc.. CHAOS WAR!!! 
Amatsu-Mikaboshi is now revealed to be the Chaos KIng, the living embodiment of the void before time and space began.. the state of chaos and darkness that existed before creation itself, in essence, the antithesis of Creation.. and now, in the age of life and light, he longs to return himself and Creation to that state of being.. 

it was been said that the Phoenix is the embodiment of the very passion of Creation.. the fire that  scorched the heavens, bringing light to what had been infinite darkness and scattering the firmament with life.. 

in essence, these two are each others polar opposites.. Mikaboshi even killed the God's of the Sh'iar, who had in some way connection with the Phoenix.. 

would the coming of the Chaos King prompt the resurrection of the Phoenix? is this an epic battle between darkness and nothingness versus light and creation? maybe.. probably.. who knows? 
again, this is only my speculation.. the main question here is still, what did Jean meant when she told Ms. Frost to prepare.. whatever it is, it would certainly be something big.. 
please share your comments and views.. everybody is welcome..  
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i completely read that all wrong in x-men. thought it was just madelyn messing with her brain housing. good eye. good ideas.

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That just might lead up to an resurrection on her part. I am hoping that is what it will be. Or something like it. Good work.
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@lord_oraculous016:  Wow, that are good questions!! I wish I know but I do not work for Marvel.
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All shall be reveiled in time, or forgotten when Fraction leaves the book one day.
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I believe that something crazy is gonna happen which may lead to her returning, though Jean isn't finished collecting all of the pieces of the Phoenix Force yet, until then she has yet to return, though i'm sure it should be soon.

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I'll be happy when/ if Jean returns... On a separate note, it appears Onslaught will be returning early next year.  If Marvel can bring him back, surely they can explain what a white hot room is, and remove Jean from it's confines.
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Hmmm...can't say that I know what it means myself...it's a bit cryptic...I would assume it has something to do with her return and her passing on visions of the future to Emma...maybe visions of her return to the X-men...maybe the visions were something to do with Hope...

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Love the OP and me thinks it means either Jean Grey is coming back or the something really big is coming concerning the phoenix force itself

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I can dig it.

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she references the phrase "visions come to prepared spirits." i think people are over looking the visions part. i think she is telling emma to prepare for visions. idk. i doubt the writers have thought this much about it.

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It's kind of annoying, I'm all for foreshadowing or at least hints to future storylines but when the hints go unanswered or not called to (not counting the above mentioned second coming hint) for months almost years is when they need to hurry up and do it or let it go. But since I have no say I guess i'll throw my guess in I think the Little Spirit phrase calls to Emma taking hold of the Phoenix, Jean was preparing Emma for that power, they've always hinted at Emma getting TK powers and now with her being the prominent Telepath i think they're building on it especially with her former students recently having it and one of those Phoenix songs hinting to it at the end, Maybe even ressurecting Jean or doing a little Rogue/Ms. Marvel dual psyche thing.

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there are hints of who will be the key in defeating Mikaboshi.. this is from an interview with Pak and Van Lente on Chaos War #3..  

Nrama: "Last thing before you guys go — any further hints or anything you want to tease about Chaos War #4?"

Van Lente: "A “cosmic”/mythological entity that is very important, and has been very important in the Marvel Universe, plays a very prominent role in this issue, although we have not seen her — yes, her — yet in Chaos War.." 

who is "she"? who is this light of hope that will ultimately drive of the darkness and chaos? i'm still won't be naming names just yet.. let's just wait.. 
by the way, here is the complete interview.. http://www.newsarama.com/comics/chaos-war-from-the-field-4-101112.html      
maybe these scans can help.. 

i came across these scans from Chaos War when some of the X-Men (Thurnderbird, Multiple-man, Banshee, Moira McTaggert and the rest of the Stepford Cuckoos) were resurrected.. look at the burning emblem in the sky.. Thunderbird claimed that the sky was never like that.. that there are no clouds, and worse no stars.. as if almost like all of Creation has gone black.. EXCEPT - for that figure burning brightly in the sky.. he claimed that it was a Thunderbird, the symbol of his people.. but we all know what is mostly resembles.. yes, the burning light of the PHOENIX..     
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Gonna be a mega fight going down with AM and the whole Marvel U. 
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i also remember Jean words before she was killed by Xorneto (Magneto)..  

"This is what it means to be the Phoenix... to keep coming back, to be the last hope, winning against all the odds."   

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@Phoenix of the Black Throne: nice
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What comic is the Emma Frost/Jean Grey encounter in?

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What comic is the Emma Frost/Jean Grey encounter in?

which one. the above one is from uncanny x-men sisterhood

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