The Most Powerful Psi in the World

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Welcome to the Jean Grey Power discussion thread. Here we will be discussing the powers and feats of Ms. Grey. Jean is a force to be reckoned with even without wielding the Phoenix Force. She has been describe on multiple occasions as,"The most powerful psi in the world" and here I will explain why.

Jean Grey is a full psionic possessing telepathy, telekinesis, empathy, precognition as well as astral projection. Jean being an omega level mutant has unlimited potential in each of these abilities and has done things deemed impossible by Xavier himself.


When using her telepathy Jean Grey can create The Phoenix raptor, a imagery of her telepathic abilities working at their peak. This attack is so powerful it deals not only mental but physical damage as well. Jean states that no shield natural or artificial can withstand it.

Her telepathy is strong enough to breach the mental defenses of characters such as Juggernaut, Magneto, Emma Frost and Cipher.

Jean easily bypasses Emma's diamond form which gives her immunity to telepathy
Despite having his helmet on, Jean placed an entire issue worth of an illusion in Magneto's head.
Jean bypasses Juggernauts' telepathic shield on two occasions.

She can read, perceive and even alter perception from across the world and has touched the minds of mutants all from the X- Mansion.

Her telepathy is considered a threat to telepaths such as Emma Frost, Cassandra Nova, Apocolypse and Gamester.

Jean frees a possessed Cyclops from Apocolypse's grasp.
Jean sets a mental trap on Cerebro to return Xavier back to his body causing Cassandra much pain.

Jean has been trained by Xavier since she was 12 years old and has honed her abilities and extensive knowledege of the astral plane.

A young Jean makes contact with a young Cyclops. This interaction later lead Xavier to scout Scott to his school.
Jean gives Psylocke some telepathic training, teaching her the fundamentals of combat as well as the astral plane.
Jean creates a telepathic conference room, linking multiple minds simutaneously

It is commonly misconstrued that Jean possess only raw power with her telepathy. However she possess much skill, versatility and finesse in the use of tp.

In a attempt to rescue the psyche of Xavier from a mental prison placed by Cassandra Nova, Jean and Emma encountered man obstacles and traps. Jean was able to overcome these obstacles with little to no trouble, while Emma was stuck on door #1.

Jean has enough skill to unlock the alien minds of an entire horde of N'Garai demons to create illusions.

Meme, a mutant with the ability to absorb psyches to enhance his other abilities, had taken multiple victims as his own. Jean sort through each of these psyches to find Meme's and completely shut his off. Thus freeing all of his victims.

Somewhere towards the end of the Onslaught Saga the Avengers decide they need more raw power to take Onslaught on. Hulk knows he can do it, but he can't if the Banner part of his mind is still active. He asks Jean to go in and turn Banner off and she does so.

In a attempt to save her life, Jean places her psyche into the comatose body of Emma Frost. Not only did she transfer her mind but her telekinesis as well.

Jean reclaims the consciousness and body of Emma Frost, while also gaining medical knowledge from Hank.

Jean reclaims the consciousness of Charles Xavier and then proceeds to splinter it into the minds of millions of mutants. All while under attack by the nanosentinels.

The psychich rapport Jean and Cyclops share allowed her to overcome the mental and physical defenses placed by Apocolypse

Her telepathy is powerful enough to dispel Demons/Ghost to prevent possession

Astral Projection

Jean is capable of manifesting her astral form on the physical plane for extended periods of times. While in this form she channels her own natural psionic energy to create force via tk or tp. Her astral form has been a threat to the likes of Iron Man and Gladiator.


Jean possesses telekinesis on a molecular level. Her telekinesis had advanced to the point that her consciousness extended itself over all forms of matter. This "Telekinetic Godhood" allows her to permeate and see through all the surface aspects of matter and energy.

Jean can create a force field with her tk that is nearly impenetrable. Her shields have allowed her to travel through hyperspace into a white hole, tank a full blast from Binary, tank a nuclear gas explosion at point blank range and contain an explosion that could potentially wipe out a time line (AoA).

More to come.

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Telekineticly activates Scott's visor....

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@Roddy010 said:

Control's Scott's optic blast via telepathy.... 

That wasn't controlling his beams, she was using her telekinesis to activate his visor.
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You really ROCK Roddy........let's see what i got...
One of my most favorite feats of all time, placing the most powerful telepath's consciousness in her own mind without losing control.

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I thought respect threads were banned a long time ago...?

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@AgeofHurricane: Nice... 
Downloading info and erasing memories... 
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Even though the story-arc hasn't been completed yet i still thought it best to upload this, Jean's past self alerting Cyclops of the future about the events to come, in turn forcing his "sub-consciousness"? to his past self to relive the part of his life that he had apparently forgotten. 

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@AgeofHurricane: Nice 
Jean's first encounter with Scott which later lead him to Charles Xavier forming the X-men.... 
Hurling multiple boulders at a T-rex... 
Telekinectically unlocking a door... 
Shielding herself from an explosion....After proceeds to lift the entire team to safety... 
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Didn't Jean Grey back in the days of the original X-Men accomplish these feats?
--fire TP/TK bolts through Juggernaut's helmet 
--fire TP/TK bolts throught Magneto's helmet 
--fire bolts of TK force against Magneto after all the other X-Men fell (it was something like the last page panel)
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this almost made me cry i miss her

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She owned Sabretooth to the point I think he fell in love with her, LOL

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@Mercy_: I like them as long as people stay on topic and post feats and not just " i like her!" crap........

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@LordMaverick: My post was in reference to something else. For a long while respect threads were banned because of fear from the staff of the site getting shut down due to copyright infringement.

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@Mercy_: I see, good point...

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i LOVE this thread, my favorite x-woman (right up there next to storm) i wonder why she hasn't tried her tk on other elements like water .. i didn't even know she was pyrokinetic on her own lol i thought it was just with the force .. and what exactly is the trial of jean grey? a solo or something?

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@malachi_munroe: The trial was just an ANXM arc focusing on the Shiar's unjust trial of Jean during her Phoenix days. They wait til she's a child to try and check her about eating the D'Bari's sun and desroying the galaxy and their top of the line Space Cruiser. That ish ain't cheap but they knew they had to get her at her weakest and she still kicked Gladiators ass up and

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LMAO YES! i was laughing so bad at that! XD .. i like the fact that she doesn't have the phoenix(or does she?) .. it was just wayyyyy to much, let her come into her own level of power without it even though she's done impressive things alone, i'd like her feats to be done by her not as a host.

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@malachi_munroe: Nope Phoenix wasn't involved at all it was all Jean. Iron Man has comfirmed that Jean has her own deadly natural source of power to tap into. One thing I've always hated was that people misconstrued her power levels due to Phoenix. People forget that even without the force she's still an omega lvl mutant.

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@roddy010: precisely, let that cosmic chicken go play in some frying oil .. i wish they would return to her bestie/sister relationship with storm .. i miss it.

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cuckoos referring to jean as "the all powerful queen of psis"

Future teen jean (so technically still the same jean) taking on multiple people including phoenix empowered Quire

Future teen Jean defeating phoenix powered Quire

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@malachi_munroe: lol yeah since the OP used scans of teen jean as legit feats for jean then future teen jean should probably be acceptable as well haha

anyway, jean lifting thousands of tons with her TK

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@martinceld: is she back to her normal age now? i'm dying from the lack of storm/jean relationship.

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i can't wait til @roddy010 comes back and continues with this thread :3

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I think she can control different forms of energy too, 1st and often used is fire

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I think she can control different forms of energy too, 1st and often used is fire

I like her pyrokinesis..its...just bada$$

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I think she can control different forms of energy too, 1st and often used is fire

Jean never used fire until she started to stop holding back and learned she could manipulate molecules, and still she never really did after that. Every instance that you thought it was fire it was raw psionic energy which looks fire because the Phoenix is the nexus. Chamber is an furnace of raw psionic energy and it looks like fire.

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@lordofallhumans: do i know which one is real fire or psionic energy? O_O

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pretty impressed with this stuff.... i dont have scans, but i think i can add a bit...

from halfway across the world jean grey makes contact with storm, creates a version of manhattan on the psi plane, have drinks with storm at a bar, get clothes at a boutique, and braids storms hair telekinetically and discuss storms love life... all this happens in 5-10 seconds because of the speed of thoughts, and in reality storms clothes are telekinetically altered on a molecular level to the dress at the boutique, her hair is also telekinetically braided... from half way across the world. (jean was using cerebro for range, prolly cause nanosentinels were killing her) xtreme xmen #9

xfactor #1, a mountain is collapsing on xfactor and jean levitates it

xfactor feats

blocking several blasts from madelyne pryor during inferno

defeats psynapse after he tries to mindrape her

stalemates apocalypse in an astral battle then pulls in cyclops to blingside apocalypse

freezing the blood in rictors brain and stopping his heart

levitating the needle of the empire state building

blocking a gas explosion

xmen feats

levitates avalon (bigger than utopia) during the battle between the acolytes and xmen during illyanas funeral

sends a telepathic message to wolverine on earth, when she was captured by stryfe on the moon (xcutioners song)

owns sabertooth when he starts spooking people at the mansion

pwns him again after he escapes from the mansuon

pawns sabertoith once again when trying to recruit a young boy manufesting his powers

after being stabbed in the head, sabertooth became immune to telepathy, bur jean could sens by his anger giving off a red aura ( sabertooth:redzone)

shutsdown meme who has absorbed his victims

psiblasted onslaught and sent him crashing

survives onslaudght carving his name psionically into her forehead ( it killed a human when kid omega did this to him)

her mental shields were too strong for onslaughr to breakt through

encases juggernaut in a telekinetic cocoon and is confident it will hold

her shield has with stoid barrages from peoole like colossus and rogue without strain

shuts down bruce banner to release bannerless hulk

rips apart fitzroys indestructible omnium mesh armour to tiny pieces

telekinetically throws the xmens space craft from the upper atmosphere to astroid m

levitates planes on numerous occasions

uses her telekinetic powers to overcharge and destroy sinisters anti psionuc cage

more later... i can also provide specific issues later

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flies into space to save skids, then the two of them fly back to earth

telekinetically hols back scotts optic blast (xcutioners song)

controls a knocked out cyclops by taking over his motor senses and the part of his brain that contrils optic blasts ( hidden years)

psiblasts juggernaut through his helmet

incapacitates juggernaut on numerous occasions by levitating him

mindrapes juggernaut ( xmen unlimited #44)

levitates an airplane (ozt)

rips out nanosentinels from a prime sentinels (ozt)

puts cyclops to sleep, while dampening his pain centers and keeping the nanobombs in him apart (ozt)

keeps a telekinetic cocoon around cyclops, keeping his insides inside (ozt)

tanks a thunder clap with shields then bfrs hulk (firstclass)

telekinetically senses something wrong with baby christopher ( technoorganuc virus killing him cellularly)

when fighting legion, jean anchors herself with tk against storms powerful winds, the anchor kept her from being sucked into the legions vortex that swallowed the other xmen

coaches cable about the astral plane as they fight two phalanx members there

explodes a sub-urban house and surburb telekinetically in masterminds world

kicks ogun out of her body then defeats him in astral combat (pfft not even a challenge)

defeats and traps gamemaster in the astral plane

overloads sabertooths mind with psionic energy until he begs

after jeans body is killed by sentinels, her conciousness posesses emna frosts comatose body and transfers her tk with her

when xavier using cerebro couldnt reach a dieing moira, jean provides him with the telepathic strength to do so

jean psiblasts phoenix emma to the ground and rips the phoenix out of her into a corpreal forn

survives freezing herself in a glacier (endsong)

after recruiting neal shaara, cables virus tries to take over and jean uses her telekinesis to help hin supress it, manifesting a phoenix raptor

during retirement in alaska jean decides to stop holding back, she removes the tons of snow burying their house with a wave, creating a phoeniw shape in the snow

on the trip to alaska, jean uses her astral form to scans america for professor x, she later says she scanned the world

during revolution jean destroys a psishark of one of the legendary shockwave riders of the neo, the rider later wills himself to death, jean links herself and follows him, then defeats the neo there and brings him back with her lifeforce

sees through apocalypse reality warping in ages of apocalypse

in the 90s around ozt, jean subconciously slipped into alternate realities twice, maybe they planned to make her similar to her kids but dropped it.

when ozt attacks the xmens plane, jeans powes start acting up and she finds herself in heroes reborn universe where she kicks ironmans ass before pulling back to 616

in a fight against candra, jean suddenly finds herself alone in a deserted city, then moments later is back with her team

jean freezes an angry mib telepathically and jokes about leaving them like that (dreams end)

teaches all her new xmen about their powers with tp (dreams end)

projects illusions into magnetos head through his helmet (dreams end)

when the new xman paulo wont stop hitting on her, she accepts and transforms herself into an old woman with tp

taunts magneto, when he admonishes her for mindcontrolling frenzy

takes control of cables tk and used to change the appearance of she, gambit and cable and rewrote their personalities and soul

crowd control making everyone leave without panick so the xmen can rumble

making the xmen appear invicible

telekinetically punched mellencamp out of the country

defeats the leader of the neo on the astral plain

kicked wolverine out of the astral plane

overcomes a dbari alien using a mandroid armor with advanced tp defence by pulling him into the astral plane and planting illusions in his mind (she also does this to other oppobents with high tp defence)

the xmen enter a car which explodes a split second later, in that split jean had shielded everyone

shielded the xmen from an explosion that destroyed a garrison

shield nate grey from madelyne pryors energy blasts, madelyne was channeling nates energy

uses her tk to deflect a blow from jahf a guardian of the mkraan crystal (jahf oneshotted nate greys shield)

anchors herself , cyclops and nate grey from a vortex

mindrapes a horde of ngarai demons while boosting wolverine and neal shaaras powers and absorbing their fatigue and trapping a rutai demon in an illusion

amps beast strenght and speed, making him as strong as thing

telekinetically blasts a hole in the side of apocalypse celestial ship

rogue using jeans powers creates an illusion of all the xmen fighting

ripped apart apocalypse celetial armor from the inside (the twelve)

ripped apocalypse essence out of cyclops ino a corpreal astral form

knocks out the hulk with tp (xmen 1st series)

manipulating fantomexs blood cells to make them clot

sensing a bullet and catches it (new xmen)

controls the contents of the stomach and bowel of the umen

performs pschometry (xmen 1st series)

has visions of the future (new xmen)

blocked wonderwomans shield with her tk shield

at the height of her power professor x was scared of going into her mind for fear of turning to ash

tanks beigng psiblasted by onslaught into a planet on the astral plane

senses xman trying to sneak up on her

sneaks up on nate grey and madelyne pryor

frees herself from blackdeaths control then releases all the other xmen and tells blackdeath he wont be able to control them again

reclaims the memories blackdeath surpressed in darkstar

reclaims the memories onslaught surpressed in juggernaut

trains a young nathan to use his powers to supress the virus(adventures of phoenix and cyclos)

takes control of cables tk and uses it to change their clothes. and his metal arm to flesh

in adventures of ph and cy uses her tk to transform his hand to flesh

absorbs docto corbeaus knowledge and knocks scottt out with tp (xmen bfor she became a being of pure thought)

shields the xmen from an explosion that destroys mmuir island

shields a plane and cable and wolverine from an explosin that destroys muir island

holding wolverines body together after magneto rips all the metal out of him

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Can you provide specific issues?

during retirement in alaska jean decides to stop holding back, she removes the tons of snow burying their house with a wave, creating a phoeniw shape in the snow

on the trip to alaska, jean uses her astral form to scans america for professor x, she later says she scanned the world

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sorry for the late reply, was out of town... Uncanny xmen 352 shows when she was psi scanning from a plane, funny thing, the plane she was on had psi dampners to contain a psychic alien, and jean scanned the planet through it. 353 was when she controlled the snow, 355 was when she stopped holding back; and 356 sshe tells beast that she scanned the world mentally looking for xavier and hes surprised

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empathy where did that come she dont have that power.

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