The Feats of Jean Grey's Powers

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Here we are discussing the powers and feats of Ms. Grey. We all obviously know what Phoenix can do. So on this thread we will only discuss Jean Grey the mutant instead of Phoenix the entity. Jean with only the Phoenix echo is okay as long as she is not wielding the force itself. 
Jean using a telekinetic shield to block a mind controlled Binary...She then proceeds to free Binary via telepathy...She also shows that she can multitask without losing power like some people(I.e Psylocke) 

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Telekineticly activates Scott's visor.... 
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@Roddy010 said:

Control's Scott's optic blast via telepathy.... 

That wasn't controlling his beams, she was using her telekinesis to activate his visor.
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You really ROCK Roddy........let's see what i got...
One of my most favorite feats of all time, placing the most powerful telepath's consciousness in her own mind without losing control.

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I thought respect threads were banned a long time ago...?

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@AgeofHurricane: Nice... 
Downloading info and erasing memories... 
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Even though the story-arc hasn't been completed yet i still thought it best to upload this, Jean's past self alerting Cyclops of the future about the events to come, in turn forcing his "sub-consciousness"? to his past self to relive the part of his life that he had apparently forgotten. 

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@AgeofHurricane: Nice 
Jean's first encounter with Scott which later lead him to Charles Xavier forming the X-men.... 
Hurling multiple boulders at a T-rex... 
Telekinectically unlocking a door... 
Shielding herself from an explosion....After proceeds to lift the entire team to safety... 
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Didn't Jean Grey back in the days of the original X-Men accomplish these feats?
--fire TP/TK bolts through Juggernaut's helmet 
--fire TP/TK bolts throught Magneto's helmet 
--fire bolts of TK force against Magneto after all the other X-Men fell (it was something like the last page panel)
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this almost made me cry i miss her

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She owned Sabretooth to the point I think he fell in love with her, LOL

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@Mercy_: I like them as long as people stay on topic and post feats and not just " i like her!" crap........

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@LordMaverick: My post was in reference to something else. For a long while respect threads were banned because of fear from the staff of the site getting shut down due to copyright infringement.

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@Mercy_: I see, good point...

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