The end of All New X-Men 8 *Spoilers duh*

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How do you guys feel about about the end of All New X-Men 8 and what Jean did to Warren? And what do you want to Happen?

I thought what she did was awful and it made me dislike her a massive amount. She needs to get into a lot of trouble in my opinion but I know she won't because all of the West Chester X-Men are kinda spineless. I mean what she did was a big deal. It's like the only really rule about being a telepathic. Even Emma Frost never mind controlled fellow X-Men in order to get what she wants. Hell even Kid Omega understands how inappropriate it is to force your will on someone else, even when he was stranded in the savaged lands and he tried to take charge and no one listened to him he didn't force anything on anyone else.

I really want Pylocke or Rachel or someone to give her hell for it.

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im just so glad that they are giving jean more depth to her character. she wants to set things right i feel she is trying to redeem herself for what she did/would have done in the future. i feel that she should be repremanded for what she did maybe a confrontation with her children (cable, nate, & rachel) she is starting to act like cyclops...... maybe maddie will make an appearance soon and try to take over young jean..... or influence her..... they only said she was trapped in the fake body noone said if she was to stay there (from sisterhood of mutants)

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more really like xavier as he is the first among them to do what he felt was necessary to achieve his goal. ex.- deadly genesis, changling, mystique, juggernaut, rogue, danger. xavier has been misusing/abusing his power for years he never really suffered any consequences other than onslaught and i also feel that all that was weighing on scott's mind when he killed him. i see jean heading down that same road because scott is now on that road since AvX

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@XsPectre28: It's not the same. Using your metal powers offensively isn't the same as abusing them. Xavier has never forced his will on the X-Men even when Scott started to become more and more like Magneto he didn't change Scott's point of view to his own.

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@Teerack said:

@XsPectre28: It's not the same. Using your metal powers offensively isn't the same as abusing them. Xavier has never forced his will on the X-Men even when Scott started to become more and more like Magneto he didn't change Scott's point of view to his own.

so he wasnt misusing his powers when he erased the knowledge of vulcan & his team, or when he decieved the x-men by having changling take his place & only reveling the truth to jean as well as letting them think he was dead. or what about when danger first spoke...... please read the facts supporting my statement.

doing whats necessary to further his own agenda, same as scott, same as what jean is now doing....... come on

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It didnt say that she forced her will upon Warren. She made him calm for the moment, and made him think about something else. Next issue he could still want to go home to the past. It doesnt say she wiped his mind of the encounter with older Warren. So we have to wait and see what happens to really understand this scene.

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Good to see that Bendis is giving depth to an otherwise bland character

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Let's be serious, young warren was a brat back in the day and there was no talking him into staying. So he'd have to be a prisoner because he can't return to their time by himself. In the grand scheme of things it's not the absolute worst thing to do. 
Besides old Saint Xavier has done so much worse, he erased peoples minds all the time and many were practically family to him. Xavier abused his telepathic powers way worse than Jean just did, Jean is a new telepath so she now needs to learn the line for that power can't be crossed, it's all for good character development. 

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@EnSabahNurX: well anyways i know that one of the o5 will leave and join scott's team, it will be jean because teen scott was still in anxm 11 or 12

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@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE: I'm still calling it as Beast who will leave for Scott's team. Jean wants to control the O5.

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I'm honestly bothered with how her hair and her hairstyle do not match her costume.

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And where the hell is Rachel in all of this mess ?

I think it's about time we had Rachel try to calm her mom down or at least tutor her in the use of her powers. If theres one person in the JGS who can counter and control young Jean it's Rachel.

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I'm not the biggest fan of Jean Grey but I currently like where Bendis is taking her. For all the people who are saying she's finally getting "depth" I wouldn't really call this "depth" she's a teenage girl who was ripped out of her time-stream and found out the love of her life betrays her, and she betrays him. She has a dark side that killed thousands, she's died (more than once) and she has a daughter. She's acting like any 16 year old girl would in this. She's pissed and wants to fix things and make them the way she wants them. She doesn't want anyone standing in her way because everything has changed so much, and a girl with the power she has is definitely going to make radical decisions like she did with Angel. That being said we are in the 9th issue and still no Rachel and Jean interaction. I think that's a bit ridiculous, who exactly is teaching her how to control her telepathy?

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@IllyanaRasputin: That's the thing. No one is teaching her. And speculation is that she'll bejoining Cyke' team and have Emma Frost teach her.

Other than that the best teacher for her is the other former Phoenix host, Rachel.

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She seem to be doing ok with her telepathy, if Bendis could stick a little more to canon he can just explain that she has uncovered buried training in telepathy she already got from Xavier years before he created the Xmen, she was his first student because he was teaching her how to control her telepathy. she may need training for the more complex, but she seems to have the basics down. Then there is the fact that is still 616 Jean and she should be just as gifted with coming up with her own techniques as the adult version was.

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