Teen Jean Grey and Beast

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Would y'all like them to end up together? How do you think this might affect the future? Will Marvel pull a Spidey/MJ-relationship-erase with Cyclops and Jean? I wanna know! Take care :P

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Not really....but i am always open to ideas.
Young Cyclops would be my choose though.

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And how do you think this might affect the X-Universe? Do you think that this could potentially reboot the franchise or something like that?

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Kill Jean, Bobby, Beast and Angel. (Beast and Jean can get together in the afterlife) Follow young Cyclops back to his original time with his memory erased. Bring Grant Morrison in to write it. Replace every other Marvel comic with it.


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Or we can just have Jean Grey die permanently and each one of the rest of the O5 get back to their time with their memories erased and everything will end up great.

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I'm guessing y'all don't like Jean lol. She's isn't my favorite character but c'mon guys, she has her fans lol

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I'm good with the kill jean thread here

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Anyway -- I am good with Jean dating anyone OTHER than Scott. Knowing what she knows (the teen Jean) the most prudent thing to do is to not get together with Scott and thereby avoid being a prop to make his character angsty and stoic and blah, blah, blah.

Marvelgirl is a great character -- here's a chance to fix her and get her away from the stigma of Cyclops.

(Oh, and the inverse is the same. Get Scott away from the stigma of being Phoenix'd and maybe have him become a character worth enjoying outside of needing a refrigerator'ed reason to make him progress).

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I don't particularly like them as a couple but anything is better than Scott really (why is he still writing letters to Jean lol what a looser). I don't think its going to last though, Bendis is probably doing this to make teen cyclops jealous so he could try to win Jean back and some predictable shit. I coul be wrong and I hope so because teen Jean would very dumb to reunite with Scott after seeing their future together (or perhaps she wants to die? lol)

Marvel won't pull an OMD on Cyclop/Jean and the x-verse will stay the same with or without the O5 being sent to the past.

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Nice opinions guys! I also believe that Marvel Girl has really great potential. What really makes me angry is her whole Phoenix thing but that's a topic for another time. She should evolve on her own right. I just hope they don't dump her on Scott. At least not until he has proven himself.

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I don't really like her with Beast as it came out of nowhere, it's never been mentioned before. Cyclops at least was already in love with her.

I hate how people seem to think that Jean and Cyclops together ruins either/both of their characters. They've had plenty of great stories together (Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix, Phoenix Saga, The Twelve) and they've had plenty of great stories apart: Cyclops (Whedons run, The time after Giant-Size X-Men #1 before Jean rejoined) Jean Grey (Most of the Morrisson run she didn't bother much with Scott)

The characters don't ruin each other the WRITERS do. There's no need and there never was any need to destroy their relationship when one of it's defining traits was how they were able to overcome anything even death.

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@osian2: Your comment about the writers ruining characters is very true. I don't think that Jean and Scott ruin each other but I would also like to see them branching out instead of being "Each other's couple". Let me explain myself clearly and use Jean. I would like to see her develop as a woman discovering herself independently. That way we can connect with her more. After that its fine if she's with Scott or anyone else.

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