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What is your favorite Jean Quote?
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When Jean said "live" to Scott at the end of Grant Morrisins run on New X-Men just because it allowed Scott to pursue a relationship with Emma Frost
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"I perfected the costume change when you were still running around in lingerie"
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pretty much most of what she said in the DP saga can and will be quoted by me in this thread lol.... 
now to get to the point..... 
 my top 3 (all from the arc) 
1. “If even one more person died at my hands…It’s better this way. Quick. Clean. Final. I love you, Scott. A part of me will always be with you.”     
2. Open your eyes, Scott. Nothing will happen. I’m telekinetically keep your optic blasts in check. I…wanted to see your face, That’s all. You have a good face.”      
“And you’re Emma Frost–The Hellfire Club’s White Queen. I understand you call yourself something of a telepath. Well, “Your Majesty.” Let’s see how good you really are.”    
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  I'm always Jean. And I'm always the Phoenix.  -- Phoenix     
Who are you? Don't I deserve to know who it is who is going to kill me? Why are you hesitating? I know you... Don't I? Something...in your eyes...so familiar -- Jean Grey (Earth-616)      

 Professor X tried to kill his twin sister while they were both still in the womb. We ought to talk...  -- Jean Grey (Earth-616)      
I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever -- I am PHOENIX!

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