Phoenix (Jean Grey) Return

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Won't let me upload the image, so here's a paste.

The return of Jean Grey?

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hell yes, I knew it would be the big Marvel event of 2012. Also will probably be the driving force to reunite the X-Men

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It seems pretty legit to me, hopefully Marvel won't spit in our face and make it about Hope... Love her, but really crossing my fingers this means Jean will be back. Phoenix is her thing.

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We all knew it was coming.

@Duchess: I dislike Jean and despise the PF when used by her.

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@The Dark Huntress said:

We all knew it was coming.

@Duchess: I dislike Jean and despise the PF when used by her.

I love Jean and when the PF was originally introduced, but it's gotten stale. I'm fine if the PF brings her back, but then it needs to get the hell away.

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Please no. :(

#7 Posted by NinjaProtocol (105 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Jean, but sometimes her with the phoenix can get a little much. But I haven't thought Hope a very likeable character, so here's hoping.

#8 Posted by HexThis (1086 posts) - - Show Bio

I love Jean but her character and who she is, which is infinitely more interesting, is always playing second fiddle to this goddamn Phoenix force.

However, Marvel has dangled this for so, so, so, so, so long and in so, so, so many different ways that who actually even knows if Jean is going to come back.

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