Ok people have been complaining about.....

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how does teen jean develop her psychic powers so quickly and hinting about her hanging out with Quentin has something to do with it, but i think its prof.x put psychic blocks in her head so maybe some of the blocks broke and she absorb some of his powers

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Nurrrrr..... Wouldnt it make sense that if her telepathic abilities were developing rapidly Charles put the blocks to slow the flow them. But being an omega level mutant she wouldnt need to "absorb" his powers, just her trying to force her telepathic ability would be enough to tear down the blocks. Jean Posesses high amounts of just raw power.

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the fact of jean being removed from her time as well as seeing not only the future selves of the other O5 combined with the fact that xavier wasnt around to mantain the mental blocks he placed on her powers her telepathy broke through bringing it to the fore front were it became accessible but she had no training prior to using it. also it could be because of her psychic rapport with scott as in endsong when phoenix returned to jean & scott said that if jean had truly returned he would know & this further explains why adult scott was the first voice she heard in her head before the blocks were fully removed

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@XsPectre28: @TheRealJeanGrey:

both good points

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