Jean Grey, The Red Queen?

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I know Dark Phoenix was one of the Black Queens of the Hellfire Club. Is this reference to her being The Red Queen also Hellfire Club related?
I didn't seen any reference to it on the Hellfire Club's page and didn't think just anyone could assume such titles and have them be considered legimate.
Thanks to all who answer.

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@TheDarkHeart:  Jean was never the Red Queen as far as i know that was just Madelyn Prior in the recent sisterhood arc in uncanny
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It wasn't really Maddie either, I think she was meant to be a new evil entity inhabiting a dead woman's body.  Similar to what they did to Revanche & planned to do to Jean. 
As for the name 'Red Queen', that seems to be the American equivalent/name of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.  It could be a twist on the Hellfire Club, since she used the Hellfire Cult.  The Hellfire Club used chess pieces as positions, and 'red' often replaces 'black' so she could be the Red Queen as a twist on the Black Queen.

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@xerox-kitty: I would think someone would have to make her the Red Queen before she could legitimately assume the title. The Hellfire club had/has certain protocol when it came to titles. Magneto proclaimed himself the Grey King after apperently destroying Shaw. He choose to melt both the Black and White kings position into one. I'll snoop around further on the net for an instance where Grey was named the Red Queen or where she just assumed the position. I can name myself the King of England but unless recognized I'm just blowing hot air. : )
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nope the red queen  was maddie all along not jean grey. maddie was trying to get a body to become corporeal in there reality again but they swtiched the body so she's now either in the astral realm or trapped in fake jean body.

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