Jean Grey/ Phoenix Appreciation

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 I've read comments from and other comic websites displaying unfund hatred for one of the original X Men. So I want to create a thread dedicated to others appreciation and love for Jean grey. why you love her, and for some who hate her( and I know someone's gonna troll) why you do? Favorite moment, and especially feats that shows her strength and badassness.  GO!!!
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I prefer Jean without the Phoenix Force because of the Phoenix arcs after the original.. JEan is my FAVORITE marvel character, and probably the X-man with the second most amount of fans(behind only Wolverine.)  Jean takes ALOT of hate because of the size of her fanbase, and the Phoenix, which, in turn with its namesake, allows Jean to rise from her ashes. Though I'm not a comic reader, I have seen ALOT of pictures here on Comicvine that are bad-ass. 

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I love Jean and its about time she got her own appreciation thread on comicvine. The things i like about jean are her powers, her relationships w everyone else and her costumes! One of my fav jean moments is where she guided the space shuttle in uxm to earth and her reunion w scott in xf.
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Jean is one of my favorite characters, i grew up with reading and watching her awesomeness on tv. She is one really skilled character, and has some of the best costumes i've seen. But if she were to come back in 616, i would like to see her without the phoenix for a good while, cause i find her more interesting as a person, when she is just Jean Grey.

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I used to really dislike Jean Grey, back when I first got into comics. She just seemed so perfect, with the Phoenix Force's level of power and everyone falling in love with her and being trusted by everyone. I just didn't feel I could relate to her and that she was basically written to be the dream girl.  
But when I read the Claremont run and saw her before she had those powers and seeing her relationship as it developed with Cyclops and with the other X-Men as well as reading how she was handling the Phoenix Force and how it changed her, and how she was affected by it, for better and for worse, I came to respect her. It's awesome that she has these god like powers but what really makes me a Jean Grey Fan flag waver is how she retained her humanity despite what she went though and kept from being drunk on power and from abusing it. She stays true to herself and to the X-Men even though she's now more powerful than them all and could just go off and create chaos or a new utopia.

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i heard shes coming back soon because the phoenix force left the cuckooos 
then again she'll prob just die again
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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Jean is also a very nice person. She is honest and sincere. She means well. Unlike Emma.  : ) 
@fanboy#1 said:
" i heard shes coming back soon because the phoenix force left the cuckooos   then again she'll prob just die again "

You must die!
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i like jean grey tho her relationship with cyclops and wolverine kinda made both men look douchey ie. wolverine constantly trying to get between her and scott even after they got married, and scott dumping the mother of his child without a second thought for her and then cheating on her with emma

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Jean's strength. Her struggle to first master her own gifts and then being host to the phoenix force and all it's power    
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Hahaha her awesomeness was totally shown in Endsong, when she threw the Phoenix out of Emma's stupid body...Jean is my fav character ever and she rocks HARD!
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@latilya89: Jean is the original X-woman. She is a pioneer, and an amazing character. I miss her, so.
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This thread was bound to happen I guess. 

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She's pretty cool

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the first time i decided i liked Jean was the first time i read/ watched X-men, since i was very young i loved jean, she has always been my fav character in all marvel. She is so kind and has a great story. she is a major part of why i love the X-men and i cannot wait for her inevitable return. my fav part was when she expelled apocolypse from cyclops' body
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What makes Jean awesome for one I think she was the first telekinetic in Marvel alone but the first telekinetic/telpath hybrid. Also another great thing is that the comic book always remind readers that Jean isnt perfect and it took time and sacrifice to grip her powers, relationships, and life. Finally the Best thing about Jean is her strong willed mind, loyalty and strength it took for her to weild the Phoenix Force and keep her sanity and not betray and destroy her x-men.
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i was just hearing about hope and the second coming in march,and the some comments on comicvine want jean to stay dead. i have no idea why they say that knowing that she is part of the resurrection force. its just haters being haters and saying she's weak but they haven't read xmen revolutions and how badass she was. its the writers and their inept abilitiy to write a good jean story. i want something like a joss whedon character like illyria or willow people who have vast powers and are learning to be or stay human while interacting and fighting with others. sorry for the rant but had to be said. discuss your thoughts.

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I've always loved Jean and Storm.  I used to hate Emma because of Jean.  Now, I just like both.   
I love Jean because I kinda picture her like Prue from Charmed, only far more awesome............She has a relationship with all of the X-Men, and the series doesn't quite feel the same without her their (Charmed!) 
And Rachel is NOT a replacement.  She's a half-filled cup. 
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I've always loved Jean and Storm.  I used to hate Emma because of Jean.  Now, I just like both.   
I love Jean because I kinda picture her like Prue from Charmed, only far more awesome............She has a relationship with all of the X-Men, and the series doesn't quite feel the same without her their (Charmed!) 
And Rachel is NOT a replacement.  She's a half-filled cup. 
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i totally loved Prue b/c of her tk, strength of will, and ove for family lke Jean. Jean needs to come back now that after dark reign there's gonna be the "Heroic Age".
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Rachel is in no way a Jean replacement...she's her own character... 
Emma however, used to be a great character (even as a hero) but as of lately she just seems like a second-rate Jean replacement... 
which sucks because I do want to like her, but I don't see a reason too...don't get me wrong I don't hate her (she's not even real) I just find her ok... 
imo she shines best as an independent woman...... 
but anyways this is Jean's thread sooooooo back to her.....what's ya'lls favorite costume of hers? 
my favorite is definitely her miniskirt look from her Marvel Girl days
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I fell in love with Jeannie during X-Men: TAS.  Of course, it was the Phoenix Saga that did it. 
She was so sacrificing, and there was such a human element to the way she fought to contain the Phoenix's hunger. 
And she never gives up.  So, in my mind, Jean has some amazing qualities - she's definitely one of my faves (I'm one of those rare Jean AND Storm lovers).  
I've been reading Jean-centric comics ever since.
My favorite moment?  Can't say for sure, but a hilarious moment was when she made the U-Men sh!t themselves.  True TK bada$$ness! 
Why does she gets so much hate? My thought is this: people don't hate Jean, they hate the way she's been portrayed. When most people think Jean, they think the Phoenix Force, or they think Scott Summers (and the whole Summers' family tree).  I don't think those are bad things to be associated with, but there's got to be more than just those storylines.  At least, I want to see more in Jean's development than that.  And I won't even get started on how damn near everybody in the Marvel U has been a PF host at sometime or in some alternate universe, or What If? issue.

Back to respecting Jean... there is SO much more to explore in Jean, & there are a thousand different stories that have NOTHING TO DO with the Phoenix, Scott, or Wolverine.   
I'd like to see her come into her own & then deal w/the force, & deal w/all the dudes that wanna bang her. 

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They need to show her more in the present cartoons, like her being there in Wolverine and the x-men for one episode, and only about 20 flashbacks didn't sit well with me :P

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I don't mind her, but the deaths are kinda redundant. ...Seriously, there has to be a final death.

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lol no character has a final death in Marvel :P they just need to bring her back and keep her

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man i love x-men
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Jean has he milestone in Comic Book History as the first ever superhero to die.. Back in those days, superheroes are always winners.. they may be punched and knocked out a few times but they will still win in the end.. Jean Grey changed that perspective.. she proved that superheroes are still humans.. that like any other human, she is flawed.. like the immortal words, "Power corrupts.. and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.." 
she is the first superhero to display the weakness and fragility of being human, and on her last moments, showed everyone the strength of of that flawed human heart.. she showed everyone that true power is not with omnipotence or strength.. but rather, with love and sacrifice if it meant saving the ones you love most..
with with respect to Jean Grey, i would like to repeat the words of the Watcher during the last pages of the Dark Phoenix Saga.. words that are immortalized in my heart and soul..

"Jean Grey could have lived to become a GOD.. but it was more important to her that she die.. a HUMAN"
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And that's what I think of Jean Grey :) That's my wrist right there.
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@latilya89:   Thank you for this...idk y any true X-Men fan would "hate" jean Grey, I can understand if she idn't ur favorite
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I remember reading that last bit with the Watcher and Recorder but I didn't really get it back then...I was pretty young and all I knew was that one of my favorite comicbook characters had just died and, needless to say, I was very upset...It wasn't until I did a re-read a few years later that I truly understood what they were trying to say...
great pull, lord_oraculous016...

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i hate jean....but i love the PHOENIX FORCE

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the most awkward/weirdest picture ever !!!!! although scott looks happy, while jean looks shocked

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