Isn't she supposed to be attached to the Phoenix Force....?

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Are Jean and the Phoenix one in the same? Because lately I have been hearing all these contradicting reports that Jean may or may be not returning or it's just the Phoenix Force coming back. It's kind of hard not to think that Jean will return because of her long association with the Phoenix Force and her resurrections.

I've read up on the Phoenix Force and it still confounds me with the AvX coming up. Nothing is really consistent and some information is contradictory. Maybe time will tell.

I think that the Phoenix Force is overused, and if they bring back Jean they either do it permanently or stop this tease with every new event announced.

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Jean is An Avatar of the Phoenix Not To Be Confused with Host. Jean may be the phoenix but that doesnt mean that it cant possess another person.

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The phoenix broke into lots of pieces, a few fragments have popped up and briefly taken a host here and there but the fragments have been returning and Jean left to find the pieces.

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Jean's just a host to the Phoenix Force just as Spiderman or Eddie were to the Venom symbiote.

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Jean Grey NOT a host, SHE is an avatar, one of the primary wielders of the force thats y she has been the only one to become a new aspect of the force because original phoenix( the force once it took a part of jean's essence) became Dark Phoenix~ no one else not rachel, not emma, not Xavier, not the 3 in 1 or anyone else has ever successfully merged with the force

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oh come has nobody read ENDSONG????????¬¬ jean now is one with the phoenix but th shiar "broke" the phoeniz in many pieces the one going to earth is one of nthose pieces

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My only thought on that is, i thought the Phoenix coming to Earth was the main Phoenix itself. Because if that is the main Phoenix and Jean isn't coming with, then AvX will be yet ANOTHER one of Marvels biggest retcons after Krakoa.

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@AgeofHurricane said:

^EXACTLY. My only thought on that is, i thought the Phoenix coming to Earth was the main Phoenix itself. Because if that is the main Phoenix and Jean isn't coming with, then AvX will be yet ANOTHER one of Marvels biggest retcons after Krakoa.

Canontically speaking, if the "main" Phoenix comes to Earth, there will be no life for the future. It's all very messy and they just seem to be yet again retconning the Phoenix. When it manifests all it's glory in a single reality it stops the the future from happening in all others. There really hasn't been an instance of the "main" Phoenix appearing since it fought with Galactus, everything else we've seen in the physical universe have been pieces that needed to be collected. That to me is why they finally decided that Jean is the avatar of Phoenix prime, it makes it so that the Phoenix can manifest without using the power reserved for the future. The whole idea that the Phoenix has to travel to Earth from some unknown point in space to get to Hope is ridiculous, it's not like there is a planet it comes from it, it's coming from the nexus of realities, the need to travel to get somewhere is really dumb when you think about it.

If they are not retconning everything it makes since that what is coming to Earth is one of those pieces that hasn't been gathered yet. As we have seen in Endsong and Warsong, the rogue pieces crave life and sensations, they are really nothing more than Dark Phoenixes looking for a body. If they wanted to have everything tie into together they could just make it be the piece of Phoenix that Jean absorbed from Maddie, that piece was the part of the Phoenix that became the first Dark Phoenix and Jean released it off world to halt a Celestial, it has since then been unaccounted for. That would mean that they would have to read though and I don't feel like the current Marvel writers are interested in knowing anything about Marvel that they haven't written in the last 10 years.

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The Phoenix is probably (conveniently) searching for its last piece, which may or may not be Hope. Made possible by the unintentional tamperings of a Scarlet Witch? Anywho, for some sad, strange reason, I see Jean's corpse drifting through whatever space the Pheonix left it. Even cosmic beings need new toys, it seems.

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