Is Phoenix Endsong worth purchasing?

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Call me a pompous ponce but I can't stand the original Phoenix comics simply because of the art. Yes, I'm aware it was the 70s or 80s when it was introduced, but still, after viewing the art of people such as Maleev and Guice, I struggle to read older comics. 
With that being said, I noticed Endsong is 21st century. So, is it worth buying? I've been a fan of Jean Grey and the whole Phoenix story arc for a while so I was wondering if I should? What are your thoughts?

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If you don't hate Greg Land art, yes, it's worth it. I own the trade and it's one of my favorite comics.

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@The Dark Huntress
Hah, where would I find some of Greg Land's art on this site to take a quick squiz?  
I'm poor and unemployed, huzzah for being a spending nazi!
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@RainEffect Here you go :) The stuff closer to the end with Phoenix is promos and stuff from Endsong.
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@The Dark Huntress: Oh! He's responsible for those Black Widow covers! I never knew that. His artwork seems alright, though I couldn't help but snicker at the 'pornface' references.
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@RainEffect: Here's some more ;) All the pictures in that gallery (except for the second) are from Endsong :)

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Th art is pretty nice (really have nothing to complain there) but I still can't stand that story. If you ask me both Phoenix stories, War Song as well as End Song, are grossly overrated. End Song was a bit better than War Song but that doesn't tell much as the only word that describes the story of War Song adequately is abominable. Better spend your money on some Messiah CompleX TPBs, those are at least worth your money (the art varies but the writing is amazing).

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@The Dark Huntress
I looked EVERY where in my local comic book store and they didn't have it. The guy said the last time it was sold was 2008, which is a total bummer. So I downloaded it (I'm not a pirater, but if I can't get it in Australia, then I don't have any other option, unless there's some magical delivery service I don't know of?)
Anyways! I was actually really impressed with the whole Jean and Phoenix being the one being, sharing the same memories. It made the redundant "I've been possessed" route so much more interesting. One of the most shocking bits of that was when Jean asks Logan to kill her and he's basically impaling her constantly. I was a little emotionally affected, because that's totally unfair on Logan. He's had to murder the person he loved again. It's exactly like he said, "next time get Summers to do your damn dirty work for you". Hah, gotta love the canuckle head.
Thanks for recommending it!
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If u have ever like Jean Grey, Phoenix or the x-men i suggest purchasing it! i might be biased b/c im a huge Jean fanboy! but hey its still very good art/story.

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