I just thought of something about Scott, Jean, and Rachel...

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Battle of the Atom is coming up, and with it comes the return of Kate Pride. Now, I may be wrong, but we've only seen Kate Pride in Days of Future Past, which coincidentally is where we first met Rachel Summers. We've never seen the origins of which timeline Rachel comes from, which got me thinking (a dangerous game). Rachel never discusses her parents from her timeline, and she never explains her true origins. I'm just wondering if maybe this is when she's born. Like any two stupid teenagers, Scott and Jean do the nasty, and whoops, there's Rachel. Is it so far fetched? I mean, Jean and Scott traveled to the future to raise Nathan. Maybe they traveled to this future to pop out Rachel...

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i always thought it would be hope summers instead of rachel...lol

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I think that's a little too convoluted, even for Marvel, if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly.


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