Great Character ... Needs More Comics

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Hey does any one one know what happen to Gean Grey. She was doing go good ( so I hread ), then i sinced a lack of comics in the force if u no wat i mean. If u do no ,wats going on with her comics ( or apperances ) tell me because im a die hard x men fan !
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Jean was killed by Xorn in New X-Men #150 (2004; Now titled X-Men: Legacy).    




She came back a year later in 2005's limited series X-Men: Phoenix Endsong, but left for the White Hot Room to collect the rest of her missing phoenix fragments in the end.   

She hasn't appeared much since then; very briefly in the end of "Grey's End," in Uncanny X-men, when what appeared to be the souls of the Grey family members who were killed by the Shi'ar Death Commandos, going into the afterlife--Jean appeared in one panel of that issue, I can't remember. (black and white)
Most recentley she appeared to Emma Frost during the sisterhood story arc, in Uncanny X-Men #510, where Madelyne Pryor returned to try and steal Jean's deceased body (even though in Endsong, it was assumed that Jean left for the WHR alive and well; you can thank Matt Fraction for that) so that she could return in physical form, because no other body would be able to house her, except Jean's.  Jean saved Emma from Lady Masterminds illusion trap and told her to "prepare." 
As of now, there is this story arc happening in X-Men: Legacy and The New Mutants called "Age of X."  In it, "Jean" appears as Revenant.  The reason for the quotes around Jean's name is because we don't really know if this is Jean or a piece of the Phoenix Force that got caught in this alternate reality. 
That's about it so far.  Hope this helps.
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In other words, she's still dead (for a change).

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She does need more appearances. 

Marvel needs to bring her back and give her a new start apart from Scott and maybe even the X-Men.

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The only reason to bring her back is to kill her again, because it's hilarious. Aside from that, keep her dead.

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She is dead for now, but will undoubtedly come back.
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
The only reason to bring her back is to kill her again, because it's hilarious. Aside from that, keep her dead.
This seriously, if Barry Allen can stay dead for around 2 decades, Jean can at least be gone for around a little more than half that. besides there's no point in bringing her back now anyways. She's far too powerful to make the team relevant in any situation and even if they did depower her, with Rachael, Hope & Emma around, what purpose could she serve? One That will actually be worth reading about?
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@psyrax2k11: That was Rachel Summers in Age of X.

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