Emma replacing Jean Grey. What are your feelings about it.

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Emma replace Jean by becoming Cyclops woman and X-Men leading lady. As a Jean Grey fan, what do you think about it.

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Although I have got used to Emma being in X-Men comics. I was disgusting with the way Emma replace Jean . I was even more disgusting with the fact that Cyclops became headmaster and Emma became headmistress of the X-Men. When it should of been Jean and Scott.

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In my opinion its a wonderful think that Jean was replaced by Emma.

At first, i was disappointed because all the stuff between Emma and Scott was disrespectful and vulgar... however, let's face it: Jean's better away from Cyclops' shadow. Now she can be explored better than she ever was! At least, im lovin how Bendis' dealing with her.

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I seriously hope Scott and Jean don't get back together. The ending of that relationship was just to ugly and sordid.

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Jean is still the X-men leading lady thought , she is the one featured in All-New X-men the main X title. Emma Frost is a leader. That being said I prefer Emma as a a villain.

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From all heart i congratulate you all about awakening from cryogenic sleep.

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@papinacho said:

Jean is still the X-men leading lady thought , she is the one featured in All-New X-men the main X title. Emma Frost is a leader. That being said I prefer Emma as a a villain.

Thats the only comic i buy cause it has jean in it. Although she is going to be featured in uncanny x-men15 girl's night out(which im looking forward too) Emma becoming a hero always seemed force and not really believable. i only remember emma from the dark phoenix saga and how she was a villain too.

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Nah, Psylocke replace Jean long time before in the 90s(Psylocke even has some Jean grey powers like telekinetic shields and more), and i think that was a cool idea than Emma, Emma was always a lame idea as a replacement of Jean, and Psylocke and Wolverine that was awesome xD, in my order of cool psychics first Psylocke, then Jean, then Emma, Emma and Cyclops were always weird and forced, in some way Emma was a rebound for Cyclops, I dont think he was into her too much, but the blond was sexy and hot, and its clear why Summers wants a piece of her xD

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Initially I didn't like it, because of the whole psychic betrayal, soap-opera-esque tone of the story. The I re-read New X-men a bunch of times and gained an appreciation for how special Jean's character was painted to be. Looking at the books that followed, you could tell something was missing from the cast.

Afterwards, I started to enjoy Emma as a snarky good guy type. I didn't think she should've been headmistress, however when she's written as a teacher it makes for good reading. But as of late, I think Emma's just boring. She's everything Jean critics accused Jean of being, except for a Mary-Sue.

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