Do you like Xorn Jean Grey.

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Poll: Do you like Xorn Jean Grey. (21 votes)

Yes 48%
No 38%
She ok. 14%
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Although I don't understand why she evil, it hasn't been explain. I think she had some good moments.

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So she is Xorn and Jean Gray? I thought it was just Jean Gray wearing Xorns mask or Xorn using telepathy to to make people think he looks like Jean Gray

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@degraaf: It is, I just listed that way, cause she in Xorn costume.

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What's there to like? She's only been shown as a villain thus far, and an arrogant, 'my way or the mindrape', villain at that. Given that we don't know WHY she turned evil yet, she hasn't displayed any redeeming qualities or reasons to like her aside from the fact that she's Jean Grey.

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Is this from All-new X-men?

she's a villain? o_O

Long story short: Future X-Men got ticked about the Past X-Men being in the Present. So they came back to the Present to expedite the return of the Past X-Men to their proper timeline, saying their presence was screwing up the future. Among the Future X-men was a female Xorn, who eventually removed her helmet to reveal a Future Jean Grey. But turns out the Future X-Men aren't really the Future X-Men, they're actually more akin to the Future Brotherhood, and want to return the Past X-Men to their timeline to change their future.

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Ohhh Thanks :).

I got the impression that it was young jean who was evil.

Jury's still out on Young Jean.

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She's ok and the way she humiliated Emma was cool but I want to know what happened to make her this way (it HAS to be something else than Dazzler being murdered during her presidential speech). She is certainly not a psycopath like the ultimate version.

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Is it jean under the mask?

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@theacidskull said:

@jonsmith said:

@theacidskull said:

Ohhh Thanks :).

I got the impression that it was young jean who was evil.

Jury's still out on Young Jean.

i see.

Oh just because she will inherit the phoenix force someday would make her evil. According to the new marvel encyclopedia Jean Grey is out there protecting the world from all who hate and fear her power. Plus ironically it says nothing about her relationship with cyclops but if you go to the emma frost page it says her biggest life change was falling in love with the x-men leader cyclops.

Oh so according to this jean is one with the phoenix

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I dont like xorn jean grey i mean if she survived and ecapse with the future brotherhood maybe she can be good again. It was pointless to bring her back(sort of) just to kill her off again. Stupid bendis trolling hack

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She wasnt evil. the brotherhood was a renegade version of the x-men. they were x-men members who just got tired of charle's vision. They just wanted to correct what beast did, send the o5 back.

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I like her as a villain

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I had pretty much forgotten about these evil future X-Men already, so no, I don't like her.

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i liked her shame she died would have been interesting to have her as a villain especially since i hate her new younger self.

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