Did Jean Really Have to Die Again in New X-Men 150 so that.....

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#51 Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE (4416 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont know if i mentioned this before but if teen jean finds out that scott would rather be with emma than her, how is that going to effect teen jean. maybe she'll rethink her choice?, or maybe she learn that her best was never good enough for scott that she would be his second choice, i hope she doesnt think to become more like emma ugh

#52 Posted by oviouslyjeangrey (400 posts) - - Show Bio

Jean Grey never really dies except for like once lol.

#53 Posted by White Mage (18751 posts) - - Show Bio

@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

i think its apocalypse fault jean and scott broke up because scott turned more darker after his experence with the evil being:

i guess bad guys win after all :'(

My favorite costume of hers

#54 Posted by Mr Marvel82 (123 posts) - - Show Bio

@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

i think the real reason they killed off jean grey is because she become too powerful and people were scared she might turn dark phoenix (ie. destroy the world)instead of her going dark phoenix again they killed her off so it wouldnt happen again and jean pushing scott to be with emma sounds pretty dark phoenix to me or maybe jean thought scott being with emm is punnishible enough lol....emma doesnt get alot of stable relationships

Hmm. I can see characters in the Marvel Universe wanting to kill Jean because they were afraid of her becoming Dark Phoenix again. But, I don't buy that Marvel execs made the decision to kill off her character because of this.

For Jean to push Emma and Scott together sounds like she was becoming Dark Phoenix to you? =O Please help me understand. I've never thought of this!

I always thought it was just the opposite- Jean needed to cut off all her emotional ties to the 616 Universe in order to become the White phoenix of the Crown. I believed, the sacrificing of her love/ commitment to Scott was the final action to achieve that. (Here Comes Tomorrow)

When she was awakened from death, in Phoenix Endsong, Jean told the Phoenix that they were just entering the White Hot Room (ascended realm of reality.) She couldn't understand why it was not with her.

It seemed that some part of Jean/ Phoenix was not able to completely let go of Scott until the end of Endsong. I thought that was why, of all the power sources in the Universe the Phoenix piece could've used to re-energize, it chose to come to Cyclops.

@chasereis said:

If you enjoy Silvestri's work I REALLY recommend you examine his earlier work in Uncanny (which should be 220's to 240's). He was so very gifted (no x-men pun intended) and I remember he actually made Dazzler look like a hottie. Hell he made Rogue in a black body suit and green one piece look good. No one else pulled that off I assure you.

Did you really give Joe Quesada a piece of your mind in person?! Good for you. Well done!

I agree with your sentiment of Scott and Jean being a great duo. I even enjoyed the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix mini of the '90s. The art didn't bring me in much though.

I have a few of the Uncanny issues illustrated by him. The coloring hadn't gone digital yet, so it didn't stand out as much as his work in Here Comes Tomorrow. I hadn't realized the artist was the same until now! XD

#55 Posted by chasereis (794 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mr Marvel82: Oh man, Marc was the shiznit back in the day. I was honestly more upset about him leaving Marvel than Portacio or Liefeld.

Quesada? Actually it was the opposite, much kid apocalypse, it was before his atrocities so I praised him for Ash and Azreal. I lament that, if only I had known. It is much akin to someone having the chance to take out hitler and not realizing. Had I the notion, I would tell everyone that he is a Bro-ny. He is really Rob Liefeld's best friend, and his college room mate was Todd McFarlane. And that he beat Rihanna before Chris brown. And took the mic from Taylor Swift. And And he was the ghost writer of the clone saga and the twilight books.

#56 Posted by papad1992 (6793 posts) - - Show Bio

@chasereis said:

@Mr Marvel82: Nice retort...You started reading at the start of a change in the X-Titles to be certain. I started in October of '83. New Mutants Number 8, I remember that was the issue where Dani (

Holla back... :P

#57 Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE (4416 posts) - - Show Bio

the real savoir of avx is jean grey.....jean grey calm down cyclops so the scarlet witch and hope could knock the phoenix out of cyclops...ps the phoenix was also killng him because only omega level mutants like hope can contain the phoenix

#58 Posted by HopesummersFORtheFUTURE (4416 posts) - - Show Bio

i wonder if thats why marvel is trying to recon jean's story so that maybe jean and scott can work out there problems??? hmmmm......

#59 Posted by The_Goddess_of_Chaos (315 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mr Marvel82: You are well stated sir. And yes I was referring to Jean at the time, BTW. I was multitasking far too much while replying to you to be clear, sorry for that. And as far as Seagle's work is concerned don't fret too much over that as it was largely forgettable and in no way do I fault you for it. Hell, I try to forget. Thankfully Bob Harras ebing the sage-like being he is, deposed Kelly and Seagle from making that Phoenix sequel. Bob stated he would never see the Phoenix as Jean while he was editor. But he left in 2000 and guess who took over? Yup, Joe (I am a fucking sell-out) Quesada. I cannot believe I thought so much of him and told him so at the banquet at Dragon*Con in '97. Although I still like Jimmy though.

Let me state that I am someone who came into comics as the end of the Dark Phoenix saga came to a close, the entire Morrison concept of Re-phoenix-ing (forgive) Jean was just sickening. Sorry for being overtly blunt, but it is the most accurate word, she didn't need it. All of Kurt's work for naught. And I would take Busiek over Morrison any day of the week. I've always thought of Jean as the result of the beautiful girl next door growing up and marrying the nerdiest kid in school. She was a female role model. Especially after reading her story in X-Factor and the early 90's of X-Men. She wanted NOTHING to do with Phoenix or Maddie. She had a really saddening story of love with Cyclops due to it. I felt so sorry for her, trying to be herself, find her identity from all the people trying to either assume her life or being an actual clone. All the while those people made her true love fall for them, even have children with them. She fought so hard to win Scott back and Scott wanting to be with Jean all along realizing that everyone he loved always traced back to her somehow. He agonized being with Maddie with how much she looked like Jean and they fought sometimes on that very issue. Scott felt so bad for going to Manhattan and leaving Maddie alone for a while to see if it really was Jean. When he tried to go back, Maddie was missing, Christopher was missing. It was a good mystery for a while in X-Factor but of course she formally joined the X-Men in Fall Of The Mutants.

I feel that reading every single X-Story since '83 that they were meant to be a duo, the pair that creates the center of the X-Men universe as the best thing Xavier had ever done. That is definitely one thing X-Titles as whole SEVERELY lack. Which is a story "anchoring point", a stable core or center so that new characters or spotlight characters could shine. Jean and Scott had their time really needed to be placed as supporting cast and take the back seat to a new generation of mutant X-Men. A lot of X-characters should have been put back to the shelf and left alone, so that they could help new creator characters or fresh blood. They didn't need to be quickened again. We already know their stories and just like real humans at some point you need to wind them down or reboot the universe. It would have been nice to have Christopher take over the X-Teams when he got older and NOT turn into mr. arsenal, Cable. Yea he's a cable now alright. However let me state that I have nothing against Morrison, Seagle or even Joe Kelly it is just a fact that not EVERYONE can write an X-Men story. You have to have a certain "it" factor to pull it off. Call it a mutant power that so far only Claremont, Simonson and Harras have pulled off with any measurable success.

If you enjoy Silvestri's work I REALLY recommend you examine his earlier work in Uncanny (which should be 220's to 240's). He was so very gifted (no x-men pun intended) and I remember he actually made Dazzler look like a hottie. Hell he made Rogue in a black body suit and green one piece look good. No one else pulled that off I assure you.

im still mad about when jean saved scott from apocalypse, he then proceeds to cheat on her with one of her most hated enemies <-----thats gratitude for you!!! Scott Summers style....lol

#60 Posted by chasereis (794 posts) - - Show Bio

@the_goddess_of_chaos: I'm just waiting for someone to say poor Jean got kidnapped by Phoenix again and she is buried in yet another cocoon at the bottom of some lake in Timbuktu or Zimbabwe or something.

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