can most super heroes defeat the phenox? (jean grey)

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No. Most teams couldn't even beat the Phoenix.

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@bladevdracula: The Justice League could probably do it consisting of four Green Lanterns(Hal, Guy, John, Kyle), Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, Firestorm, Captain Marvel, Zatanna, Flash (Barry Allen), Batman, Hawkgirl, and Aquaman.

All at their standard levels no godlike Ion, Parallax, Lord Marvel, Superman One Million, Monarch, or Firestorm unleashed or any other overpowered power ups these charcters have just their normal Pre-New 52 showings. And no preparation or strategizing before the battle begins.

Also it depends on what Phoenix this is, is it Phoenix with Jean Grey as its host and if so is it Dark, Green, or White Phoenix of the Crown because if its White the team is going to need their power ups and some Specter. But if its just regular Green Phoenix with Jean in the driving seat the team would win seeing as Jean does hold back her power a lot and is somewhat inexperienced with the power she as Green Phoenix.

If it is Dark Phoenix then the team would probably lose seeing as Jean is no longer in control of the Phoenix seeing as she is not even the host at the time its just Phoenix on a rampage thinking itself to be Jean destroying worlds and eating Suns for the fun of it. Or the other version of the Phoenix is Phoenix with no host and no emotional imbalances just a force doing what needs to be done. The Phoenix with no host is quite a formidable opponent and is still just as lethal if not more considering its doings in Avengers Vs. X-men just tanking anything thrown at it, it just may beat the League.

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Probably not.

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so we are talking about Jean Grey with The Power & control of the Phoenix Force Or The Phoenix Force In The Form Of Jean Grey???????

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@bladevdracula: So what version of the Phoenix is this?

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