A Jean Grey movie

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If there were to come out another Jean Grey movie. Depicting her return from X3 or from the comics White Hot Room. Who would you like to play Jean? 
And who would you like her new love interest be? And who would play her Family?
#1 Posted by JCJQLB (2933 posts) - - Show Bio

Famke Janssen

#2 Posted by jordama (4701 posts) - - Show Bio
@JCJQLB said:
"Famke Janssen "

I think it would be cool if they made it a what if movie and she traveled to a bunch of realities, she could meet Cable, Nate, and Rachal. It would be a great way to make an AoaA without actually making one
#3 Posted by PhoenixHell (156 posts) - - Show Bio
Ok! I'm blonde Phoenix today. But what's AoaA?
#4 Posted by Lustwish (537 posts) - - Show Bio

Jean Grey movie huh....lol right. 

#5 Posted by PhoenixHell (156 posts) - - Show Bio
If you aren't going to be serious. Don't post on my blog.
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Erica Durance would be good IMO. 

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I would like to see a movie in which Mr. Sinister is shown "playing" with Scott Summers' and Jean Grey's lives.  Perhaps we could see X-Man debut later on? 

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Famke Janssen is and will always be perfect for the role of Jean! 
@Edamame That's a REALLY a good idea!
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I personally would have no problem with Famke Jansen still playing her expecially if were keeping to the original movie timeline. I dont really think she needs a love interest if its about her phoenix orgins tho and dont really care who plays her family as long as they can act.

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very doutfull because we all know about jean she goes to the x-mansion and grows up there thats her story !!

#11 Posted by Aqua11500 (2696 posts) - - Show Bio
@XMenStormFan1 said:
" very doutfull because we all know about jean she goes to the x-mansion and grows up there thats her story !! "
 and the fact that the last movie was Phoenix laced,Still they need to bring the fire rapture next time dammit!!! 
A Jean movie wouldn't be very interesting, i mean her background  is basically; she was a suburban kid who found out she was a mutant,Xavier recruited her and she fell in love with Scott and became an X-men...if that's the case they might as well make a first class movie like they are doing now.

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