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DC Universe

In the DCU, Jason's first appearance was in the Rise of the Olympian story-arc. Zeus brought him and the Argonauts back to life in order to finish all wars and finally bring peace to Earth. Zeus also promised him to create a child for him

Greek Mythology

Jason and his Argonauts were present at the battle of Troy and were supposedly the ones who hid in the famed Trojan horse which was allegedly Jason's idea. after gaining victory over the Trojan's Jason cursed the gods saying he didn't need their help. Out of anger Poseidon cursed him to wander lost in the seas doomed to never return to Argos and instead to travel from island to island. Facing terrors like Mermaids, Sirens, and the famed one-eyed Cyclops. Even as going as far to travel to the underworld to seek advice from dead philosophers.

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