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After the US military discovers that they are unable to kill Jason Voorhees they decide to freeze him. Before this is completed his is commandeered in order to be used as a weapon. Unfortunately Jason has broken his restraints and goes on a killing spree. After dispensing with all present military personal Jason follow Rowan into the cryogenics room where she tricks him into the freezing chamber. Jason stabs through the chamber which both injures Rowan and makes a leak in the chamber freezing Rowan.
400 years later a group of students opens up the room where Rowan and Jason are frozen and evacuates them to their space ship as Earth has become a wasteland. When a revived Rowan is told that Jason was taken aboard she shows concern and is taken to see the frozen Jason. As she predicted Jason has dethawed and starts running rampant in the ship.
A majority of the crew is killed including Professor Lowe, the student's teacher and leader of the archeological dig who also plans to use Jason as a weapon. Jason overcomes such obstacles as an exploding ship, a sexy android designed to kill (Kay-Em 14), and virtual reality but the survivors evaculate the doomed ship and Jason is left to fend for himself in space.

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