Jason Voorhees Respect Thread.

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So seeing as there isn't one, I figured I would make one. Well here is the undead slasher! 

Tanks a grenade shot, regenerates completely, and then cuts the guy in half with his own weapon. 



 A very nice decapitation.



 Tanks heavy machine gun fire, and punches a guy's head right through his own body.



No one can escape! 



Double kill. 


 Crushing two bodies with his foot.
 If anyone else has any scans of Jason in the comics, feel free to post em! Comments are also welcome, let me know what ya think! Also just because this picture is too awesome not to put, BEHOLD! 
 Werewolf Jason!
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Any comments? Anyone read any FT13th comics, and got scans to show of Jason being awesome?

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I didn't know they had books.

I haven't read the books but on AMC for Halloween they had a marathon of the movies. Most are not that good. Some were all right. I saw Part 5 and a few others. Melanie Kinnaman was the real star of Part 5. She was lovely. She was the only good thing about the movie.

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Ok...Blur this is a Respect thread, not a dislike one. :P But yes, there are several Friday the 13th comics out there which are actually from the bits I have seen on youtube are nice, the art is done well.

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     Just putting somemore stuff up for the big guy! Anyone got some thoughts/comments/showings? Theres nearly 100 views, and no one else has commented. XD 

Jason fighting Leatherface. 


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Takes on Uber Jason and with one arm too.

Continues to show him who is boss.

I found them in his image gallery but I thought they belonged here.

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Damn..I only saw bits n pieces of the battle around the net, looks awesome. Probably should have checked his image gallery lol.

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