Who likes the idea of the Earth Robin ?

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Poll: Who likes the idea of the Earth Robin ? (2 votes)

I'm okay with it 50%
I'm not okay with it 50%

Yeah because I never like him as the Second Robin , Don't you ?

#2 Posted by lifeofvibe (3774 posts) - - Show Bio

Whats earth robins? Do you mean earth 2 robin?

#3 Posted by Kazuma14 (1740 posts) - - Show Bio
#4 Edited by lifeofvibe (3774 posts) - - Show Bio

@kazuma14: how do I feel if he turned out to be earth 2 robin? well its better then the superboy prime punch

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Please be more clear and concise with your OP and title in the future.

#6 Posted by AllStarSuperman (28301 posts) - - Show Bio



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