whats the story behind Jason Todds Resurection?

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Ive never really read many comics featuring Jason Todd, but ive always been intrigued by his character. I know Joker Killed him but how was he bought back to life?

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@Rich-Man: I am not lying here, Jason Todd came back to life because Superboy Prime punched reality. Yeah.....
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Superboy punched reality. Talia found him wondering around lost and confused put him in a lazarus pit with her father which drove him a little crazy he came back with full memories. its never to late to read up on it Jason Todd Lost Days just came out.

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Uh....Superboy Prime punched many holes in time and space. It supposedly created a wave that "set things right".
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@DecoyElite, Bankstar21 & longbowhunter... thankyou very much for your replies. 

Punched reality?? ok?.... i knew about the Lazarus Pit but was unsure how exactly he came back... so did Superboy Primes punching alter anything else??  
one more question... which comic did all this feature in? and can you buy the whole story as a hardback?

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Kryptonian steroid powers cracked reality and he resurrected

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@Rich-Man: I'm not sure what comic it's in. 
Anyway, Superboy Prime punching reality is called the Retcon punch. Basically writers used it as an excuse for any huge inconsistency on their part. It's blamed for a majority of things, like Hawkman's many origins and Jason Todd's return. It's all quite ridiculous.
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@G'bandit: thankyou for your reply.
@Decoy Elite: thanx alot for clearing that up 4 me!


i will keep an eye and an ear out for a graphic novel that covers all this!

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ive just recieved a copy of the new animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, looks good!

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lets pop superboy into the marvel universe and have him undo some things :p

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After seeing the Under the Red Hood animated movie... I have to say I liked their reasoning for Jason coming back to life.  It was a great way for them to not have to get into the Superboy Prime stuff that would need a movie of its own to explain.  The only thing I would complain about is that Talia's role is his resurfacing is completely taken out and so is the existence of Tim Drake.  Neither thing was touched upon in the movie.  Great story, good adaptation of a whole arc that was cut down into 80+ minutes.  Its a definate buy it for any Batman fan or (like myself) a fan of Jason Todd.
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i agree
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yeah soo im a huge jason todd fan and superboy prime punched reality and created the multiverse. therefore he came back to life. that just happened

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