This Just In: Another MAJOR Development for JASON TODD! [SPOILER]

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Really?... Cass as jasons sister... bit of a stretch..

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He'd make a cool big brother though

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Pregnancy is just a myth, it's really just fat chicks undergoing mitosis

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I like the idea that when Joker kidnapped Jason's mum, he raised the baby himself. The problem is, like someone said, is why doesn't Jason remember him or her. Unless they say he does, and just never cared or bothered to mention or find him or her. If he remembered he would've tried to find his sibling with the bat computer.

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i wouldn't worry about jasons sibling within 6 months it will be retconned like tim drake being robin... frackin dc

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Well in original continuity, his mom died of an overdose, so the baby could have died. Although i would like to see a new face in the "hood-family".

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@TheWalkingComicbookfan said:

@daredevil21134 said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Harper. Row.

I agree,plus Scott Synder has stated that he likes Jason Todd and would like to someday write him

That seems pretty likely! With an issue recently focused on Harper, that would not surprise me!

That would be really great but this issue is set about 5 years ago and Harper Row is, let's just say, older than five.

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@Zghost: her death was faked, so the baby could have died, but we arent sure

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You are the only person besides me to have saw it and thought that... GENIOS.

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It's Joker's son that's clear. Who else is Damian going to battle when he takes over as the batman?

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Jason also isn't an orphan anymore. His mom was at his funeral.

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@Imagine_Man15 said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Harper. Row.

This is way better than my stupid theory about Harper Row (She's really The Joker wearing a new face and getting close to Batman). I'm almost certain now that you'll be right... Harper and Jason are going to turn out to be siblings.

She would be like 5 years old.
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It can't be Harper, age and the fact that she has a little brother, the kid couldn't be any older then Damian and even that would be a stretch. This seems WAY to subtle for DC despite all there saying about the Zero issues setting things up.

If the Joker was responsible for faking her death wouldn't this mean he either knows about the kid or maybe even has it (shudder).

I'll wait until Death in The Family, if a kid exists this would be the perfect time for it to be introduced, some scene where Jason has the joker at gun point and he lets out a mysterious "but then you'll never know about your little brother/sister" which then sets up for an Outlaw arc of them helping Jason find the kid. If this is the case i see the kid being an innocent that Jason winds up saving and in the process winds up redeeming part of himself probably with some sad ending where when Jason gets the chance to tell the kid he's its older brother he chooses not to for the kids safety.

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i doubt its Harper Row, theyve said she has a younger brother and that he was gay...

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@VagrantSaint said:

For some reason I have this thought that the child will have red hair just like Jason's mom. (And Jason's hair color, pre-crisis)

The first person that popped into my head? Carrie Kelly. What do you guys think? Will DC try to bring a character from the classic Dark Knight series into the mainstream DCU?

This would piss my friend off so bad.

I absolutely want it to happen now.

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I would like to see Joker and Harley bring up a kid. This kind of goes back to Batman Beyond's past when Tim was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Joker. To bring a kid up in that life to become a new villain would be epic. I would hope they wouldnt make him follow the clown persona though (lol unless they give him face paint like a member of ICP)

Jason's life has been so twisted he (im saying this without knowing how much past they have shown him to remember) might not remember having a brother or if his mom is alive. He could have easily lost part of his early childhood memory when he died and was brought back to life in the Lazarus pit.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. However in Batman #12 Harper Row also has a twin brother. So this would mean that if this all pans out and Jason's mom is indeed pregnant with Harper and her brther, Jason has TWO siblings. Not sure if this has already been mentioned.

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maybe the baby died before it got to live.

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@Cavemold: probably is steph, otherwise why would booth have made this?

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jesus i cant wait to find out who it is maybe there going to reveal him or her in jasons zero year tie in

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Whats up with this thread? im not the only one seeing this right?

Here's what im seeing every single Jason todd thread seems to all been combined into one....Whats going on? 0_-

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