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Why do people reffer to him as jason todd? They could call him red hood but they don't. WHY? I think its because everyone knows that this red hood identity won't last for ever. Everyone wants jason to redeem him self. I think that people would rather see jason for what he could be. possibly the best robin ever. He started with nothing and look at him now. Nightwing had his acrobat family, tim or red robin had a cairring father as well as a promising life ahead of him, and damian was born into almost royalty on both sides of his family. what did jason have? Nothing. And that why I see him as a possible best robin. there just more room to grow for him than the others. And thats why think people call him by jason instead of red hood. Because they know he's better than that title.

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@redhoodx: Didn't you do a post just like this a couple of days ago?

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@redhoodx: I dunno if he will be the best Robin, I think Richard Grayson well always be the best Robin, but that is a matter of opinion. Jason Todd is oen of my favorite characters , and I think he will always be a little bit of an outcast but he will always be the most interesting of all the Wayne Brothers. Jason Todd will always be the BEST Red Hood or the RED KNIGHT! LoL

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Because Jason Todd isn't Red Hood any more. :P

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