Scott Lobdell Leaves the HOOD

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#51 Posted by wessaari (635 posts) - - Show Bio

So excited, and very grateful for all the great work Scott put in this title. Thanks Scott, and all the luck to you in the future, and dont let them haters stop you, because haters dont want you to be yourself, be yourself Scott and keep rocking it :)

James and Mico, guys the ball is in your court and i couldnt be more excited. The covers Mico have put out are downright fantastic and James, your work is some of the best ive seen from a new writer. I really wanna follow in your footsteps, because i want to get into comics myself, and you're an inspiration for a young writer/student like me.

#52 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13736 posts) - - Show Bio

@sethysquare said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

@sethysquare said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

@sethysquare said:

@Outside_85 said:

@sethysquare said:

@xtremekidx said:

why is anyone gonna leave the book with scott?james has been writing an interesting story with talon and im really looking forward to his run on RHAO!

because he is going to turn this into a street level book chasing talons and penguins around gotham.

Red Hood and the Zookeepers? :)

I'm sure you're exhilarated about this news


fixed what?

just a minor grammatical error. You said exhilaration when you many exhilarated.

uhm ok. thanks?

happy to help.

#53 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

I still think its really unfair.

#54 Posted by Robrat93 (56 posts) - - Show Bio

Sad to see Lobdell go I've been enjoying the stories but have to say I am excited to see where Tynion takes the characters as I have been loving Talon.

#55 Posted by clemj (817 posts) - - Show Bio


#56 Posted by Spideycap (212 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for your work in bringing the Red Hood back into the mix in a meaningful way. Always have loved Todd but he has been so misused since his death until now. Cheers!

#57 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (36077 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh man I'm sad and happy in equal measures, I really enjoy Scott's run but James has been pretty great on earthing he's done so far

#58 Posted by usabfb (58 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll At least get the first issue that James Tynion IV writes. I really like his Batman backups and I'm enjoying Talon.

#59 Posted by doordoor123 (3721 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope this means Scott will be getting another book. What am I going to do if Scott isn't writing three books?! I'll go insane I tell ya! INSANE!

#60 Posted by NXH (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

This book hasn't been great since Rocafort left.

#61 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

@doordoor123 said:

I hope this means Scott will be getting another book. What am I going to do if Scott isn't writing three books?! I'll go insane I tell ya! INSANE!

#62 Posted by badgame (41 posts) - - Show Bio

Mixed feelings, James is doing awesome work with Talon but don't know how well he will handle this book, it's so different.

#63 Posted by CrashBang (126 posts) - - Show Bio

James Tynion? Time to start reading Red Hood!

#64 Posted by pspin (897 posts) - - Show Bio

That sucks this book was (and is) amazing. Here's hoping Tynion can be at least half as good.

#65 Posted by saoakden (1026 posts) - - Show Bio

I had heard rumors that Lobdell might be leaving. Guess they are true. I was bummed when you left Superboy, and now I'm more bummed that your leaving Red Hood & the Outlaws. I really liked your run on Red Hood & the Outlaws.

#66 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (7612 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe I will actually pick this series up now

#67 Posted by Z3RO180 (6757 posts) - - Show Bio

RHATO is awesome cant wait to read your last two issues.

#68 Posted by God_Spawn (38571 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks, Mr. Lobdell. This was easily my favorite book with the relaunch.

#69 Posted by knightofthechronicle (724 posts) - - Show Bio

Hate to see you go Scott but from what I've read you're leaving it in capable hands.

#70 Posted by EscGamer (125 posts) - - Show Bio

I never ways a big fan of Jason until you started writing it. Sure I enjoyed his return and him fighting Batman in under the hood, his run-in with Tim about whose a better Robin and his role in Battle for the Cowl but when he was started to become a permanent villian I just completely lost it. All those emotional bonds and hard times with The BatFam just thrown out the window but you really brought the core of the character back and that in itself deserves an applause my friend. I think you're leaving Jason on a good high note and on one of the Families life changing moments which is a great place to leave and start fresh. I knew you weren't done with the Titans because I can tell there is still something there waiting to happen and I think the run is pretty solid as it is. slow down a knotch thou but keep the good work coming. Superman has been fantastic, you have a great person following after you for Hood and best believe I look forward to your future works Mr. Scott sir

#71 Posted by Alch21 (210 posts) - - Show Bio

Man. This is a bummer. I get that they need you on Superman and other higher end books at DC but, Red Hood And the Outlaws was your baby!! It was great and totally unexpected. I hope the tone stays the same and the seeds you've left turn into long term payoffs under the new guy.

#72 Posted by tiger26 (125 posts) - - Show Bio

damn really loved what you did with the title and roy jason and kory I'll keep reading when james starts good thing I've still have superman on my pull list

#73 Posted by Tmul501 (600 posts) - - Show Bio

@hunter5024 said:

I'm happy with their choice of replacement authors, though this series is clicking with me much more than Teen Titans, so if he had to leave one, I would've preferred that.

I agree. I've read all of TT and a few issues of RH, and I much prefer his work on RH. He seems to be able to write the characters more genuinely. Not to be insulting, just think he had a good thing going on this book.

#74 Posted by DestineSavior (9 posts) - - Show Bio

Scott did an amazing job for Red Hood and the Outlaws, although I was drawn to the series for Kenneth Rocafort's amazing artwork. Scott's writing really accompanied the art style, and it was great to see a less vengeful Jason Todd from his previous installments. You will be missed Scott, but I will love to see Tynion's run on this series, though I would like to see a change in art style.

#75 Posted by neiliusprime (257 posts) - - Show Bio

James Tynion's Talon is actually good, I am sad that Lobdell is leaving, but excited because Tynion is taking over.

#76 Posted by Fantasgasmic (1033 posts) - - Show Bio

@JoseDRiveraTCR7 said:

Darn, I was hoping he would leave Superman.

I LOLed. I haven't cared about Supes since before the New Krypton storyline (even in Justice League, he's been kinda meh) maybe once H'el on Earth is over something worth while will happen with him.

@haydenclaireheroes said:

Maybe I will actually pick this series up now

Couldn't've put it better myself. I'm not a Lobdell fan OR a Jason Todd fan, so if another team can convince me that this new direction for the 3 main characters was "worth it" I'd be surprised and enthused. I liked Tynion's concept for Talon, and the #0 issue was good, but I haven't been able to get into it. As I recall by about issue 4 long walls of text/exposition dumps made it felt kinda exhausting to read. And I would put it at the bottom of my stack being that it wasn't one I was committed to, plus it may have been a really busy Wednesday. So I can't say it's a shoe in, but I'll give it an issue or 2 before I write it off entirely again.

#77 Posted by ME24601 (118 posts) - - Show Bio

Couldn't Tynion take over on Teen Titans instead? RHatO was the only somewhat decent title that Lobdel was writing...

#78 Posted by Azrael66 (277 posts) - - Show Bio

PLEASE let the new team be good. I LOVE RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS.

#79 Posted by frankcmu (37 posts) - - Show Bio

I am new to comics... and I know people are not a fan of how he crafts his stories... but I have loved this book, and I thank him for keeping me interested in comic books... lets hope RHATO keeps up with the good story telling.

#80 Posted by TheCrowbar (4286 posts) - - Show Bio

So let me get this right, you're getting take over the Superman family, Synder gets Batman? Damn it...well I guess I don't need that WoW sub anyway...

#81 Posted by Tyrannotaur (288 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm fine with this. I liked what Lobdell was doing but I have faith that Tynion will be good as well.

#82 Posted by _jackbauer (157 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm bummed, I've enjoyed Red Hood and the Outlaws. Ill give the new writer a shot since he clearly has some support from the other commenters.

#83 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1801 posts) - - Show Bio

I was really bummed when I saw this announcement, but then I saw that Tynion was taking over, and virtually all of the disappointment vanished. I'm loving Talon so far and his backups were great, I look forward to seeing what he'll do with this series.

#84 Edited by ThanosIsMad (2228 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't say I'm going to miss you on this, Lobdell. It got to the point where I was reading the book for Rocafort. Then Rocafort moved with you to Superman, so... yeah. The types of stories for Red Hood And The Outlaws, barring the Batman tie-ins of course, seem better suited for Superman to begin with and I'm enjoying H'El on Earth, so no real complaints.

#85 Posted by namtabmi (99 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh well...At least he's not leaving superman...right?! First rocafort now lobdell...will red hood even be the same anymore?! I'll hold onto the book for now =]

#86 Posted by DocFishstick (242 posts) - - Show Bio

all i can say is you did a great job. i have loved every issue. mr. scott you are one of the best in my book and keep up the great work.

#87 Posted by mcbean (287 posts) - - Show Bio

Should be just Red Hood NO outlaws ( Roy and Kori ) the comic would be a lot better.

Red Hood by him self can hold his own series just saying.

#88 Posted by Mia26 (145 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks Lobdell for doing what you did with the Outlaws, terrific work and keep on with the awesome Superman books.

#89 Posted by JakeN7 (13700 posts) - - Show Bio

This is bittersweet news. This was the only thing that Scott Lobdell was writing that I was actually enjoying, which is saying something because I really don't like the guy. He comes off as arrogant, pompous, and conceded. He's a pretty awful writer most of the time and he is hostile to his fans. He can't let go of the fact that people don't like his Tim Drake retcon, and takes every opportunity to shove it down our throats and be very rude about it in the process. However, what he's done with Red Hood is nothing short of amazing and I really enjoy the book. I bought the first trade and then started following the title since the zero issue and have been loving it. Although this book is the last one that needs a new writer, I'm a huge fan of Tynion IV's and couldn't be happier he's taking over. Can't wait for issue #19 and to see how James handles his first solo gig.

#90 Posted by t84nightfall (23 posts) - - Show Bio

It is very sad to see you leave. I personally think you should have given Superman to someone else. They are both great series, but you are doing so much better on Red Hood!!! Alas, I can't always have it my way, and since I am reading every Batman series, I definitely know of James' work on both Batman itself, and Talon. i can't wait to see what he has to offer. It will definitely be interesting to see what he has to offer. I am still very sad to see you go, although this may be the start of something better. You said your schedule got a little too tied up, but I imagine after a while, we will be seeing you again, on abrand new series.

#91 Posted by SpadesSlick (29 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm glad Tynion is getting a big push from DC, but damn did I love Lobdell's writing on this book. Very bittersweet for me. Glad to hear we are getting a new artist though.

#92 Posted by thenexusrebound (255 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope that whoever takes over keeps up with an amazing comic. There were lots of haters but I loved this comic.

#93 Posted by havoc1201 (532 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish he would stay on Red Hood and leave Teen Titans I like his run with Jason but i dont really like his run with Tim and the Titans but we will see.

#94 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1664 posts) - - Show Bio

I've loved the book so much, and I'm truly sad to hear this :( But I'll try to stick to it :D

#95 Posted by daredevil21134 (12930 posts) - - Show Bio

@mcbean said:

Should be just Red Hood NO outlaws ( Roy and Kori ) the comic would be a lot better.

Red Hood by him self can hold his own series just saying.

I so agree with you on this

#96 Edited by Red_Robin212 (91 posts) - - Show Bio

Sees Lobdell is leving Red Hood

Then sees Tynion is taking over

#97 Posted by Nathaniel_Christopher (1706 posts) - - Show Bio

Sad to hear it. I'd much rather he left Teen Titans and stayed on RHATO, but glad to hear the series will be in good hands. It's been great and has saved the character of Jason Todd from the garbage heap.

#98 Posted by Hawkeye2124 (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Salute to Señor Lobdel, Please come back soon.  

#99 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Sad :( Sad news indeed. Sad panda times for me ahead...

#100 Posted by GamerGeek360 (231 posts) - - Show Bio

I really like Tynion so, even though it sucks Lobdell is leaving, I'm excited for the future of the series.

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