Scott Lobdell Answers YOUR Outlaws Questions!

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Scott Lobdell just agreed to a weekly question and answer with you, The Hoodies for the Red Hood & The Outlaws Facebook page! Each week we'll ask the folks who like out page to submit questions to Scott. The best one each week goes to the man and will be answered on our Red Hood's Den Blog in column format. Our first question has just been asked and answered by Scott, regarding the relationship of Jason Todd and Tim Drake. Check it out!

Mike-Hoodie Admin

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whoa, all I can say is that's awesome, good job getting that feature

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Do I post my question here?

#4 Posted by RedHoodsDen (521 posts) - - Show Bio

We'll solicit questions once a week on the Facebook page, like us so you'll know when to ask and when scott answers.

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Damn, no facebook account

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It's a shame that I'm not on Facebook. :(

#7 Posted by sethysquare (3965 posts) - - Show Bio

Get a fb you guys.

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