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I just feel like talking about this issue because even though its good it raises some of questions.

1. Is jason a All-Caste or not? I believe he has some abilities from the all-caste. Being able to see essence when no one else could, And what it looked like was he just summoned the the all-blades out of nowhere.

2.Who is the real enemy? I thought it was the untitled but then it points to essence, then Trigon.

3. Since essence mentioned trigon, could she be Raven? I think along the story some how essence will turn into Raven. Her powers all ready match. I always thought Raven and Jason would make a better couple anyway.

4. Lastly the scene where he says that "I could use this new ride to mess up batmans life but thats not the kind of person I am anymore". So is jason over what happened between him and batman?

What do you guys think, do any of you have answers for these questions?

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Yes he is a warrior for the All Caste since he wants revenge for them dying and killing. No he has no powers, he has thrown knives at people without them noticing pre-flashpoint, so stabbing Essence who wasn't even expecting getting stabbed does not mean he has super powers. Also Kori and Roy eventually saw her, I said it before, if Essence doesn't want to be seen by someone she can do that. Her powers are similar to that of a shadow.

The Untitled for now. She just mentioned how she spent a time in Trigon, that does not mean Trigon is the enemy. Jason mentions Batman, is he an enemy? No, just because they say a name means. And Jason made no follow up comment at all about Trigon.

No. Essence is Essence. If Raven's plans are too big for TT, I don't see why she would appear in RHTO? Also she had a brief cameo in TT 1 IIRC and it wasn't anything like Essence.

Yes, he said so himself in issue 5.

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@god_spawn: When I say All-caste I mean the whole shabang.essence, durca and any other all-caste member showed some ability, but jason has show barely any sign of power. So is he all-caste or not? I'm starting to think not. He should be able to fight like any other all-caste. As for Ravens cameo in TT we both know thats was bull crap. They all so showed a beast boy that was still green but in the up and coming ravagers series they show him as brown. Those appearances were lobdell trying to throw readers a bone, nothing more. Trigon thing is probably more down the road in the story but since durca and essence both have a relation to him assumed that it would be revisited.

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Considering he didn't seem to know Durca's and Essence's origin's, I would have to argue that he is not like them. That, and the fact how she refers to him as human several times in the comic.

...Unless there is something to do with the Lazarus Pits that link them. Durca could tell he'd been in one of the pits. Wonder if that was just due to her supernatural nature or due to some connection between the pits and this great evil they called up way back when.

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@redhoodx: I don't remember Beast Boy in the cameo's of teen titans 1 but if he was green then it was because N.O.W.H.E.R.E hadn't caught him yet while in the ravagers is set after he escaped.

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Yay Im excited Trigon is back

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@god_spawn: what age is jason todd??

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@Z3RO180: I'd guess around 20.

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@god_spawn: so what age would that make bats cause superman looks to be around 25-27

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@Z3RO180: Age doesn't matter to Bruce.

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1) he was trained in the all-caste, but they are different than normal humans( them being immortal and all). in issue 7 he says the all blades appear in the face of true evil, these are just weapons given to him by the all caste.

2) I had a feeling from the very beginning that his was set up by Essence. she was banned for a reason we still dont know why. we now know that ducra and essence are linked to the untitled, and that ducra is essence's mother. essence said that it was her destiny to get rid of the untitled but i think it was from the fact that essence started to go dark and ducra realized it, there creating the need for revenge. Now jason has pissed off the untitled, there are 8 left i think so i bet they would want revenge and i doubt that weapon that sealed essence will last. i thought suzie su would be a bigger villian (HA i saw what i did there) but i now think that for future volumes we will see a deeper understanding of essence.

3) No she isnt raven. i actually thought that at some point, but she says she was imprisoned there(hint hint, thats maybe why she went evil). i hope raven makes an appearnce in the new 52 and i also hope wally west comes off the side lines. One off topic thing i wanna mention is that i really hope they bring back lian harper. roy could start a new relationship for all we know and out pops another baby (since lian's history was whiped out from flashpoint). back to the matter at hand, as for you guys who think trigon is going to be a villian, i dont really think that is the case. this just gives us insight on where essence has been as well as confirming that raven is out there somewhere and that the history between the titans and trigon most likely existed

4) i think that right there is the key theme to this series. getting on with ones life. roy was left pretty much screwed by everyone and now he is starting to find his place in life again. starfire (IMPRAYING THAT SHE JUST LOST HER MEMORY INSTEAD OF HAVING THE TAMARANEAN GOLDFISH MEMORY) once said you cant live in the past, when we found her at the end of issue 4 and issue 6 she is trying to remember her life before and the happiness she had. she wants it dearly but she isnt going to stop her new life in the process. jason tried to get his revenge since Under The Red Hood, did occur and now he knows he cant be making batman's life hell. he needs to move on and thats what i love about this series. if jason kept doing what he was doing he would have ended up as a villian, but now he is moving on to be one of the mos tinteresting batman characters of all time.

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I don't know about Jason being an All Caste but I do like the concept of the whole Essence and him having a past and seeing him perhaps rekindle that and help her kinda get back into doing the right thing and get her off this path of vengeance would be nice. It would definitely open up a lot more story opportunities in my opinion. Finally give Jason a love interest that hasn't already been "hit" by Dick or Tim.

As for seeing Wally West show back up I know this isn't the correct thread to talk about that. But unfortunately I just don't see it happening. Although he is my favorite Flash. He died by Citizen Cold in the Flashpoint series. So unless he's brought back from the dead somehow or someone goes back through time to stop that from happening I don't think he will be returning any time soon. Which saddens me.

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It probably wouldn't be Raven because Scott Lobdell said DC had much bigger plans for her.

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