RHatO #5 preview

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Thanks for posting this.

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@k4tzm4n said:

Thanks for posting this.

You should come around here more often

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I am trying not to read the previews for titles that I am reading now that I have made my cuts from the DCNu.

That said. I am glad that DC is still pushing the advertising for these titles outside of the traditional comic news sites. I hope it continues to bring in new and lapsed readers.

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Damn i can't get on the site because i'm in the U.K, don't suppose you can post it on this site?

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@comkid100: Just click the back button when it redirects you, I just did it.
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@spiderbat87: Turns out I didn't need to, it just worked. Anyway the series seems alright not special so far.

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I'll say about this preview what I say about every preview for RHTO.....AWESOMENESS

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This issue was freaking amazing

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