Jason Todd/Red Hood And Maria Callasantos/Feral team up?

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Think about it. Red Hood AKA Jason Todd and Feral AKA Maria Callasantos are both rebellious, dark anti-heroes who have no problem killing their villainous foes at all. They have both had hard lives and a lot of personal problems, not to mention how both have been killed but returned later on. So here's the idea. The DC and Marvel Universes cross over, Feral is restored to life from a ghost to a living being once more and has all her mutant powers, fur, etc again, and soon thereafter, Jason Todd sees her. They meet each other, get to know one another, and in the end, decide to team up and kill off as many criminals and villains as possible while also keeping the innocent protected as their own vigilante duo. Of course, they'd need a hideout, and they'd need to avoid both law enforcement agencies and their respective former groups(the Bat-Family and X-Force, that is), but since they'd be able to agree on a lot and their warlike, rebellious, hard-nosed, angry personalities would go hand in hand with one another, I think this would be a surperb dark hero partnership. Mind you, they would NOT be in a sexual relationship of any kind. They'd be allies at best, and basically just partners killing criminals in ways which would please the Huntress from Jason's universe and the Punisher from Feral's. So, how would you like such a team-up? And if it were made into a crossover comic, would you buy and read that crossover comic? Please tell me your view of this idea I cooked up.

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